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  • Anthony Brown & group therAPy want you to experience 'Everyday Jesus'
    Anthony Brown & group therAPy want you to experience 'Everyday Jesus'
    They changed the way you tell your 'testimony', and the way you enjoyed gospel music!It startedeven beforethe moment Anthony Brown &group therAPy first gracedradio airwaves, a changewas in the air.Changing the norm of what was...
  • God On Display in 2015
    What is 'God on Display'?
    It all started on New Year’s Eve at Impact Church in JAX. Bishop George Davis passed on a declaration from God, through the lips of Dr. Jerry Sevelle; that 2015 is going to be a year of “God on Display” through Visitations,...
  • Fernando Smith
    A life remembered; a testimony shared
    The testimony below can change your life! No matter how long you have been in your situation; GOD can turn it around! But you have to make a decision to turn to HIM. God has a plan for your life; but it requires you to let go, and let HIM take...
  • Police Officer Darren Wilson Wanted Poster
    Wilson to Ferguson jurors: 'I felt like a 5-year-old holding on to Hulk Hogan'
    Following Monday night's grand jury decision not to pursue criminal charges against Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson for his shooting of the towering, African Americanteenager Michael Brown, the prosecutor in the case and his...
  • Court transcript of Wilson testimony
    Wilson claims Brown taunted him, saying 'You're too much of a p*ssy to shoot me'
    Now that the evidence gathered forthe Ferguson grand jury and testimony the panel heard will not be sealedin advance of a trial, itwill be made available to the public. That is not normally done when an indictment is not brought, but as St. Louis...
  • Bragging or Testifying?
    Talk around the Thanksgiving table: Is it a testimony or is it bragging?
    With Thanksgiving being just a few days away, people are preparing to visit family and friends and catch up on things that have happened since they last saw one another. There will be a lot of talking around the Thanksgiving table, including...
  • Hummingbird Community
    Come out stronger
    Anne Kolsky knows what it is like to go through hard times and, by enduring the turbulence, actually grow and come out of the experience stronger.She shared, “In 2008 I went through a very ugly divorce. I suddenly found myself having
t o...
  • Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony single 'Step Aside'
    Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony blends worship and churchy on single 'Step Aside'
    One of Columbus, Ohio's finest indie artists, Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony worships, admonishes and have good ol' church on new single "Step Aside" released July 22, 2014. Following up their debut album "Freedom",...
  • August Alsina scores another hit with sexy new single 'Kissin On My Tattoos'
    August Alsina scores another hit with sexy new single 'Kissin On My Tattoos'
    Arriving on the scene with his 2013 hit single "I Luv This S**t" featuring Trinidad James, and showcasing his staying power with "Make It Home" featuring Jeezy,21-year-old newcomer August Alsina is a force to be reckoned with....
  • Pastor Louis Blakey, Jr. returns to pulpit after 3 months
    Pastor returns to pulpit after three months
    On Sunday, June 29, Rev. Louis R. Blakey, Jr., pastor of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia returned to the pulpit after having not preached since the end of March. The pastor, who is the shepherd of the church along with his twin...
  • August Alsina
    Interview: August Alsina talks upcoming album 'Testimony' and industry firsts
    August Alsina isn't your typical R&B crooner. While most R&B mirrors fairytale love stories and heartbreak, August inversely incorporates every day life into his music. The same heartfelt emotion is there, but it's gritty, real and...
  • IRS scandal: Lois Lerner will testify before Congress, but fears for her life
    IRS scandal: Lois Lerner will testify before Congress, but fears for her life
    Lois Lerner, the former Director of the Exempt Organizations unit at the Internal Revenue Service,will apparently appear as summoned before thethe House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 according to multiple...
  • Courthouse Dog
    Would non-human animals make good eyewitnesses in court?
    Questions have been raised whether or not non-human animals are capable of identifying a culprit at the scene of a crime. Inquiries include the extent of recognition a pet has for his or her human companion's assailant. When introducing new...
  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown & group therAPy wow audiences at 29th Annual Stellar Awards
    Anthony Brown & group therAPy certainly had Nashville abuzz during the 29th Annual Stellar Award weekend. Prior to descending upon Music City, the Baltimore-based ensemble focused on their mission: to deliver an unforgettable performance and...
  • Confetti 2014
    A lifetime resolution for believers
    By now, presumably, most people who are in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions have already done so. Even if you have, or if you’re putting it off or considering skipping it altogether this year, take a moment to think about New...
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