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  • Dokdo, Korea's westernmost island, sits in the East Sea
    Did Korea's "East Sea" push get a boost?
    The Korean government as well as multiple special interest groups might be getting some unexpected help from publishing companies in their bid to rename the body of water commonly referred to as "Sea of Japan" to the more neutral "...
  • Pizza Theory
    Pizza Theory -- A Fully Loaded Slice of Fun
    A unique theme and a refreshing take on territorial strategy combine to bolster the quality of Pizza Theory, the "oven fresh" game that's "easy as pie," beyond that of most of its competitors.Players each control one type...
  • Mitt Romney
    GOP Puerto Rico Primary Results: Mitt Romney takes huge victory
    San Juan -The U.S. territory made headlines last month when Governor Luis Fortunoannouncedthat he would be endorsing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.Puerto Rico has experienced the media spotlight over the several days. This week, former...
  • Octi
    Octi Takes Territorial Strategy in a Whole New Direction
    Invented by a mathematics professor on the west coast, Octi looks and plays like nothing you've ever seen. A warfare game through and through, yet far simpler than chess or Axis & Allies, Octi presents two players with unparalleled depth...
  • LivniTaraTodrasWhitehillRocketedSchool.jpg
    Palestinian Arab leader silent on 'two-state solution'
    A.P. photo/ Tara Todras-Whitehill -- LivniSharing a podium in Jerusalem were Kadima Party head Tzipi Livni and Ahmed Qurei, the former Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) with whom she negotiated. MK Livni repeatedly plumped for a ...
  • ErdoganHenryRayAbrams(7).jpg
    New York Times on flotilla, Turkey, Israel, Obama
    A.P. photo/ Henry Ray Abrams -- Erdogan: heated rhetoric stirs votersNearly six weeks later, Turkey and Israel are still stoking anger over the disastrous Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound aid ship. Their posturing and threats are playing into the...
  • NetanyahuWaterBazRatnerPool(6).jpg
    Israeli Right and Left make demands about West Bank freeze
    A.P. photo/ Baz Ratner, Pool -- pulled left and right on freeze. Keep his word?Labor Party officials threaten to bolt the Israeli governing coalition if PM Netanyahu keeps his word and ends the temporary freeze on schedule. Right wing Party...
  • SettlementEfraetFreezeSebastianScheiner(2).jpg
    Israel hints at extending West Bank construction freeze against Jews
    A.P. photo/ Sebastian Scheiner -- freeze enforced against exemption in EfratAs PM Netanyahu was about to leave for Washington, his Administration intimated that he would extend the freeze past September, to areas outside the large settlement blocs...
  • BarakHansPunz(3).jpg
    Israeli Defense Minister urges withdrawal from West Bank
    A.P. photo/ Hans PunzIsrael’s Defense Minister Barak is advising Israelis to make a ”strategic” withdrawal from Judea-Samaria as soon as possible. He has a reputation as an expert strategist, but has a record of strategic folly....
  • NetanyahuWaterBazRatnerPool(21).jpg
    Israeli PM Netanyahu staves off challenge to his leadership of Likud Party
    A.P. photo/ Baz Ratner, PoolPM Netanyahu won a Likud Central Committee vote by more than the required two-thirds, to defer a Party primary for another 20 months. He was opposed by Moshe Feiglin’s national religious bloc. Feiglin’s...
  • BarkatJaffaGateMayaHitij.jpg
    Jerusalem Mayor in Washington, on Israeli housing
    A.P. photo/ Maya Hitij -- Barkat after renovating Jaffa Gate in Old Jerusalemhouses for all ethnic groups. He told Members of Congress that this is Jerusalem’s right and the national government of the country has no legal right to bar...
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