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  • DHS Muppets
    The ABCs of Disney World: A-D
    There are a lot of different terms used by those who work and play at the Walt Disney World Resorts and Theme Parks. All of the terms used are geared toward an attraction, activity or resort at Disney World. If you are familiar with many of the...
  • Ghost hunting ABCs: D
    Ghost hunting ABCs: D
    Those interested in the field of paranormal study spend a lot of time researching and gathering evidence. For many, the time spent researching is necessary to prove or disprove claims of paranormal activity. When starting out as a paranormal...
  • Basic Loans Eligibility
    Small Business Loans - Xplocial
    Xplocial is the company that uses technology to determine the truehealth of your business. They will be looking for a good cash flowand not only based on your credit score. If getting money to upgradeyour equipment, or if you are a contractor you...
  • Where did that come from?  Volume #5
    Where did that come from? Volume #5
    There are words and phrases we use every day; yet we never stop to think about their origins. Often, they have no relationship to the subject at hand. Do you ever wonder where they come from?A good example with an interesting background is the...
  • Where did that come from?  Volume #4
    Where did that come from? Volume #4
    How many times have you learned something new and thought, “Wow! How interesting! I didn’t know that!” Wasn’t it fun to add fascinating bits of knowledge to your memory bank? There are many examples of these tidbits to...
  • Coddle with sliced bangers
    Understanding Irish foods
    Many times, reading Irish cook books or old recipes, can be like reading another language. It is hard to understand the terminology or the meaning of certain terms. When reading a recipe that calls for black or white puddings, we in America are at...
  • Hairdresser Language
    Understand your hairstylist's language
    They don’t do it on purpose. I promise. Hairstylists have spent so many years in school and in the salon that the hairstyling terms they use become second nature. They use the words “texturizing” and “graduated" as...
  • Know Your LoL
    LoL Terminology 101: Things You Will Need to Know in League of Legends
    When playing League of Legends, do you ever wonder, "What the HECK are they talking about?" They could be speaking gibberish, or they could be refering to one of many LoL terms that come up quite often in game. Here is a consolidated...
  • Bible Study
    How to study the Bible: Introduction
    Image Source It is vitally important that, before extensive commentary is made from a Christian perspective, we agree on our foundation. It is not beneficial to you if this column simply says, "We believe this," without supporting it...
  • RP Terms
    Play-by-Post RP Basics: Role-playing terms
    If you've ever scanned role-play forums, no doubt you've come across a bunch of different letter combinations that seem to make no sense whatsoever. OOC, IRL, PBPRPing. Look familiar? Or, rather, look completely foreign? Well, not to worry...
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