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  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, (R), who bragged about his union busting efforts as Governor in his announcement of his Presidential candidacy.
    Scott Walker prides himself as a union buster in announcement for President
    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, (R), boasted of his union busting measures as Governor in his announcement of his Presidential candidacy, according to ABC News on Monday. Walker, in an effort to establish his credentials as a union buster and...
  • Marshall Tuck says tenure lifetime job
    Marshall Tuck says tenure lifetime job
    Marshall Tuck, who is running against Tom Torlakson for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, was interview by the Sacramento Bee for a piece in the Sunday, October 5 edition. His lack of understanding of many things educational...
  • Reynoldsburg teachers issue 10-day strike notice
    Reynoldsburg teachers issue 10-day strike notice
    After overwhelmingly rejecting the school board's latest offer late Sunday evening, on Monday the Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) bargaining teamissued a 10-day strike notice with the State Employee Relations Board as authorized by an...
  • Bar Association
    NJ lawyers call for constitutional amendment in response to Christie
    There have been more than a few exchanges over the last four and a half years between Governor Chris Christie and Democrats in the State Legislature. They have clashed over annual budgets. They have disagreed on tax increases and raising the state...
  • Oaktree Elementary School
    Teacher records herself, principal teasing autistic child while class laughs
    Need evidence to support the argument that tenure for schoolteachers should be abolished? Then try this: A Michigan teacher who bullied an autistic child stuck in a chair while his classmates looked on and laughed is on paid administrative leave...
  • Tenure
    Horrible professors prosper in America
    Ever wonder why horrible professors prosper in America? It may have something to do with tenure, a professor’s contractual right not to have his or her position terminated without just cause. It’s almost unheard of to have a tenured...
  • Don't rely on tenure to get you to the next level. What you do today matters.
    Do You Value Seniority More Than Performance? Don't Fall Into The Tenure Trap
    I stopped by a coffee shop recently and while I was waiting for my cup of coffee I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation that was happening at one of the small tables near me. One of the men there was complaining rather loudly about how...
  • Young Adult Students in Class
    Tenure Reform for Missouri's Schools
    There are many things that concern parents. Their children's education is normally at the top of that list. When children are sent to school, parents expect that their children will be taught by the best teachers available and will emerge from...
  • Teachers
    Teachers suffering from memory loss
    It’s been a busy week on the education front in Virginia. The General Assembly, concerned about academics and discipline, defeated the “Tebow” bill that would have allowed homeschoolers to try out for high school athletic teams...
  • Chris Christie
    Opponents of Christie's ed reforms might be cherrypicking
    Governor Chris Christie's proposals for education reform, including merit pay for teachers and changes to the State's teacher tenure system, have received much opposition from the expected quarters. But opponents who are trying to prove...
  • Chris Christie
    Christie battles NJEA over merit pay and tenure
    Governor Chris Christie announced a push for merit pay for teachers and reform of the State's teacher tenure system, and immediately found himself in a war of words with the New Jersey Education Association.Christie presented his proposed...
  • Education Nation
    Education Nation
    Many issues divide this nation, but the belief that something has to be done about education in the land of the free and home of the brave is nearly universal. What exactly to do is another matter.What are we to do?Our education is a reflection of...
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