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  • Telephone invention
    Help from Mr. Watson
    Born in Scotland during 1847, Alexander Graham Bell was raised by a father who helped people that were deaf learn to speak. From this, he developed a passion to follow in his father’s footsteps and help the deaf. He also had the mind of an...
  • Samuel Morse
    Speaking through electricity
    Noted painter and inventor, Samuel Finley Breese Morse, was the son of Clergyman Jedidiah Morse and Elizabeth Griswold. Born on April 27, 1791 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, he was known as “Finley” to his family.Somewhat temperamental...
  • Pop-up imaging lens links directly to your eyeball
    Pop-up imaging lens links directly to your eyeball
    We "see" the latest development in augmentation technology to be a pop-up imaging lens that links directly to your eyeball. Well, not exactly, though it is placed on the eye like a contact lens as seen in the Grab Media/Mashable video ...
  • Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut
    Radio museum keeps history alive in Connecticut
    The past is alive and well at Connecticut's repository of antique radio, TV and early sound equipment.The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum in Windsor is home to turn-of-the-century radios, early televisions, and original Edison...
  • Telegraph
    April 27th: Dot-Dot-Dot, Dot-Dash, Dash-Dash
    On April 27th, 1791, Samuel Morse was born in Charlestown, Mass. Before we get to the important stuff, it's worth noting that Morse had two middle names: Finley and Breese. Pretty solid, although for some reason, they make me hungry.Anyway, in...
  • Run it Out At Jefferson Manor Park
    Run it Out At Jefferson Manor Park
    If you're looking for a park with playground equipment and plenty of wide open space for your little marathon man (or woman!) to run off their excess energy, this one is a good option! In season there are restrooms, and the playground...
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