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Tech Gear

  • Mission Inn Resort
    Mission Inn gives insight with blog and YouTube channel
    Traveling around the country looking at golf courses, resort properties and real estate, I can honestly say the best way to get a feel and soak up the atmopsphere of a particular destination is to actually have your boots on the ground to...
  • Pulse by Sengled
    Pulse by Sengled invigorates the senses with light and sound
    The Pulse is music to my eyes.There are a number of dual threats in technology.Many phablets act as both a phone and a tablet, game systems can also become a set top box for your television with the push of a button. In the sports world, many shoe...
  • Web Summit Dublin - Day 3
    Bitcoin brings blockchain to network trust
    Bitcoin is finding its way from big cities to remote places around the globe and into Native American Indian reservations, according to Coin Desk today. Why is Bitcoin embraceable around the world with an ability to promote trust? It opens the...




  • The Internet
    The Internet
    The future is here, we’re living in it. Science fiction has become science. Everywhere you look you see smartphones, tablets, TV’s and devices that essentially connect us from one part of the world to the other without much delay.The...
  • ‘Tis the Season for the 12 Scams of the Holidays
    ‘Tis the Season for the 12 Scams of the Holidays
    Fa la la la la, la la la la. Yes that’s me singing, but thank goodness you can’t really hear me (I save that for the shower). If you can believe it, it’s that time of the year again (even though it seems like we just finished...
  • Making sense of OpenStack
    Making sense of OpenStack
    Openstack is the latest name in cloud computing, offering an open source platform for infrastructure as a service cloud providers. In just 4 years, Openstack has grown from nothing to include over 17,000 members from 145 countries who have...