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  • How has the American home changed?
    How has the American home changed the most?
    Houses built today are certainly different from those built a hundred years ago. Even houses built 50 years ago are quite different from modern houses. And it’s not just the architecture that’s different. There have been some pretty...
  • How to sign out of all Google Accounts
    How to sign out of all Google Accounts
    Let’s cut to the chase (never mind how you misplaced your phone): There are several ways to sign out of your Google accounts remotely. It takes three steps, and you’ll need the desktop version of Google.On a mobile use a browser...
  • Donald Trump Hat
    You're Fired Up: Trump, Social Media, and Digital Politics
    Recent polls suggest the popularity of Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency, as Trump has been receiving wide media coverage since his announcement. Though he may not be considered a “serious” candidate compared to other...
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