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  • "Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition" teases playable Vergil
    'Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition' for PS4, Xbox One teases playable Vergil
    The 2008 release of "Devil May Cry 4" is being re-released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game systems in 2015, Capcom announced Monday.Previous available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, "Devil May Cry 4" is hitting...
  • First ‘WWE 2K15’ DLC now available
    First ‘WWE 2K15’ DLC now available
    The first DLC for “WWE 2K15,” the WCW Pack, is now available for download for $7.99, 2K Sports confirmed today in a press release obtained by Examiner.The update includes former multiple time WCW World Heavyweight Champions Diamond...
  • LVAL booster pack
    'YU-GI-OH!' booster pack history: Legacy of the Valiant (LVAL)
    Legacy of the Valiant, the fiftieth expansion set in the YU-GI-OH! Trading Card Game, was released as a 100 card set in North America on January 24, 2014. This set introduced Sylvan cards, new Bujin cards, new Ghostrickcards,new Gravekeeper cards,...



  • Default search hijacked by adware
    Malware payloads hide behind a tricky proliferation model
    Whereas most computer viruses infiltrate targeted machines as drive-by downloads that are completely imperceptible to the naked eye, some of the present-day infections stick to a spreading methodology that’s technically legitimate. This...
  • Mobile app roundup: Top 5 iPhone apps for 2014
    Mobile app roundup: Top 5 iPhone apps for 2014
    Welcome to my top 5 iPhone apps for 2014 end-of-year roundup list. Yes, it's that time of year again. I will give you a peek inside of my own personal toolkit.Top 5 iPhone apps 2014Facebook (free app)I use this everyday to monitor my News feed...
  • Innovative branding trends will hit big in 2015
    Innovative branding trends will hit big in 2015
    As New Year’s Eve approaches, companies big and small are taking a cold, hard look at their branding strategies and goals for 2015. In the ever-changing world of Internet marketing, staying ahead of the competition means keeping current with...