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  • White Apple Watch
    With over one million orders already, why is the Apple Watch so popular
    While the Apple Watch may look like a cool new gadget, that doesn’t entirely explain why the new device was ordered by over a million people the first day it went on sale. According to a report by Slice Intelligence, 957,000 people pre...
  • Application Development
    How Apps are Using Social Media to Market Themselves in 2015
    As the number one business and personal add on feature of today's modern landscape of commerce, the app continues to expand the functionality of mobile devices and lifestyles across the globe. This is great for consumers, but app makers now...
  • Apple’s iOS 8.3: 300+ New emojis!
    Apple’s iOS 8.3: 300+ New emojis!
    In a recent interview on “Conan,” Australian actress, Maia Mitchell, somewhat jokingly commented on the lack of cultural diversity in the emojis on Apple devices.As if in response to the aforementioned comment, Apple released iOS 8.3...

Tech Gear

  • NASA celebrates Hubble's 25th Anniversary and Earth Day
    NASA celebrates Hubble's 25th Anniversary and Earth Day
    NASA will celebrate the 45th annual Earth Day April 17-22 with live and online activities so the public will better understand what NASA does to protect our home here on Earth. If your in Washington DC on April 18, head on over to the Washington...
  • Apple Pay
    Apple Pay could reach Canada as early as November
    Apple Pay is already making its way out of the country. Its first outside conquest is said to be Canada, sources close to the matter told The Wall Street Journal on March 17.The country would be a great get for Apple Inc., since Apple holds one...
  • adidas asym energy boost Golf Shoes
    Adidas goes 'asymmetrical' with new high tech golf shoes
    "We are building a shoe that is different on the right side from the left side," explains Masun Denison, Director of Global Product Marketing, Footwear at adidas Golf.Don't worry, it's not as confusing as you might think.I...



  • Do you need some extra room?
    Do you need some extra room?
    Sometimes you need a little extra space. If you don’t have a basement or attic, or if those spaces are already full, you might find yourself considering a storage unit. But how do you know where to go? And what are the rules?There are...
    3-Point Action Plan To Survive Against Google’s Mobile Update
    The post April 21, 2015 scenario would carry mobile friendliness as the major ranking factor by Google. The revolutionary update by Google will influence the mobile search results. The increasing number of mobile users is already forcing website...
  • It's a Security System and More
    It's a Security System and More
    WARNING: Removing this video surveillance camera to kill evidence of your robbery will do you chickenfeed because the video of you is being stored in the cloud!Today’s security systems are so much more evolved than they were 20 years ago,...
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