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  • How Gas Prices Affect Small Businesses
    How The Fluctuation of Gas Prices Affect Small Businesses and The Economy
    Of all of the recurring costs that domestic consumers and small business owners face, none receive as much air time as the price we pay for a gallon of gasoline at the pump. Simply filling up the tank of a common passenger car can cost $25 one...
  • Steam Powered Gamig
    Maybe we shouldn't believe all the products out there today
    April Fools' Day was made for geeks and the internet. Here are some of the examples.There must be a Division of April Fools' Day And Other Such Pranks at Google because they have so many and they are good. That takes a good investment of...
  • The Nymi wristband
    Can Nymi wristband Battle in iWatch Space ?
    The Nymi Band, that was originally developed by a company that began at the University of Toronto, is expected to begin finding expanded usage, as the company, Nymi, previously known as Bionym, has started shipping developer kits. The first kits...


  • Ubisoft announces episodic 'Assassin’s Creed Chronicles' trilogy for 2015
    Ubisoft announces episodic 'Assassin’s Creed Chronicles' trilogy for 2015
    Video game publisher Ubisoft announced Tuesday an episodic game trilogy called "Assassin's Creed Chronicles" for current game consoles and PC.Taking advantage of the latest trend of episodic video games made famous by Telltale Games,...
  • 'Battlefield Hardline' Class Guide - Class in Session: Enforcer
    'Battlefield Hardline'Class Guide - Class in Session: Enforcer
    In most “Battlefield” games a common theme is teamwork, but we find that most games carry a bit of frustration with them, as teammates don’t utilize their class to its fullest. The aim and theme of these guides is to make you as...
  • March 2015 loot box
    March 2015 covert loot
    The March crate is here and it has everything a geek-sheek field agent needs; cool gadgets, fancy watch, disguised survival tools, and even some reading material to look incognito. The full break down of each item is in the slideshow, but i just...



  • Microsoft takes your smartphone back to 1981
    Microsoft takes your smartphone back to 1981
    If you are the average mobile user chances are you never experienced the early days of the PC when they ran MS-DOS. You missed out on those days of giant pixels, just one font that only came in white and print on either a black or green background...
  • What is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)?
    What is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)?
    Whether you’re an animal person or not, you have to admit that puppies are pretty darn cute. So cute that there are YouTube Channels, Facebook accounts, and Buzzfeed newsletters devoted to the subject. Unfortunately, there’s a not so...
  • Pac Man on Google Maps
    Google Maps plus Pac Man equals fun to the max
    Are you a Pac Man fanatic? Does your high score still stand at the neighborhood arcade from 1980? Well rejoice, because, today, Google Mapslets you relive the dream which can be easily customized to your destination.How would you like to roam as...
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