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  • Clash of Clans by Super Cell Screenshot
    Its time for war in Clash of Clans pt. 1
    Hello fellow gamers!, The new fascination with the cell phone game Clash of Clans has reached an epic level. After finding a clan that was a perfect fit for the players style of gaming, Clan Uncanny has finally declared war and we are now into...
  • Apple Watch
    An Honest Apple Watch Review (Video)
    As you know, I was one of the first people to test and review the Pebble smart watch, the Kreyos smart watch, and the Rufus Cuff Wrist Communicator (I'm still waiting for it to be completed and shipped to me). I'm a big wearable technology...
  • iPhone 6s: Rumors of a telephoto lens and new touchscreen technology
    iPhone 6s: Rumors of a telephoto lens and new touchscreen technology
    The new Apple iPhone 6s may include some much needed lens upgrades and more. A flurry of updates to the incredibly popular mobile device is in the offing depending on whom you believe. According AppleInsider on April 30, 2015, telephoto and wide...

Tech Gear

  • Android M
    Android M is coming, and it is packed with new features
    Google just unveiled new information about what consumers can expect for 2015, specifically concerning Android M during Google IO 2015 on May 28th, 2015. The software update allows for added performance, features and usability. In all, there were...
  • Google Convention
    Android M Has Cool New Features
    The Google I/O 2015 Convention has just kicked off in San Francisco today and Android and Google fans are savoring the hot products and services that are announced. And one of the big ones is the next Android operating system: Android M.For fans...
  • Airbus 330neo
    Santa Ana company Ascent Aerospace awarded Airbus contract
    Some much needed business for business-unfriendly California: Ascent Aerospace announced today that its Ascent Integration European operation has been awarded a contract by Airbus to retrofit the Airbus Broughton (Wales) A330 wing assembly lines...



  • Dynamite Entertainment announces their upcoming "Grumpy Cat" comic
    Dynamite Entertainment announces their upcoming "Grumpy Cat" comic
    Since the Fall of 2012 we just haven't been able to get enough of Tader Sauce aka “Grumpy Cat”. We fill up our Facebook feeds with her Internet memes, buy her t-shirts and other products and share her videos. Maybe it is that...
  • Apple Watch
    Apple Watch Yourself: Becoming Attached to Technology
    The release of the Apple Watch takes the meaning of technology being in fashion to another level. For $349, users can track their health, start calls, and check notifications without opening the phone. People may either find the watch's...
  • 6 free goods from Creative Market for the week of 25 May 2015
    6 free goods from Creative Market for the week of 25 May 2015
    Each week, the merchant designers and developers at Creative Market give away six, free creative assets.Here are the freebies for this week:European Capital Landmarks created by bhj in the categories of Illustrations and Graphics.Extruded CSS Type...
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