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  • Apple e-book
    Geek holiday gifts ideas for the absolutely desperate
    You have run into a bit of bad luck. You did not finish your Christmas shopping and now there is two feet of snow on the ground and you are home bound. Or your car is in the shop. Or you are at work and someone just gave you a present and you left...
  • Santa Claus in his native Lapland, Finland
    Santa Claus ham radio station active until year's end
    The Jolly Bearded One is on the radio airwaves again this year, courtesy of ham operators in northern Finland.Between December 19 and 31, two Finnish stations - OF9X and OH9SCL - are operating from Rovaniemi, Lapland, the legendary home of Santa...
  • Last Minute Gift Ideas from Anker
    Last Minute Gift Ideas: Anker external batteries and more
    I've had the pleasure of reviewing several products for Anker this year. Each of them would make a great gift for some lucky person on your gift list. If you're searching for a special gift to go under the tree on Christmas, the Anker...


  • "Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition" teases playable Vergil
    'Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition' for PS4, Xbox One teases playable Vergil
    The 2008 release of "Devil May Cry 4" is being re-released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game systems in 2015, Capcom announced Monday.Previous available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, "Devil May Cry 4" is hitting...
  • First ‘WWE 2K15’ DLC now available
    First ‘WWE 2K15’ DLC now available
    The first DLC for “WWE 2K15,” the WCW Pack, is now available for download for $7.99, 2K Sports confirmed today in a press release obtained by Examiner.The update includes former multiple time WCW World Heavyweight Champions Diamond...
  • Steven Reviews "World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor"
    Steven Reviews "World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor"
    As most World of Warcraft fans know already, Warlords of Draenor had such terrible launch problems that Blizzard had to give everyone five free days of game time. I didn’t get to play a minute of the game the day it came out! I also had to...


  • selfie stick
    Selfie-stick: The most controversial gift of the holiday season
    Following the selfie photo craze of the year, a gadget related to the craze has become the unsuspected Christmas gift of the holiday shopping season in 2014. The selfie-stick is pretty much what the name indicates. It’s a stick that allows...
  • iPhone Accessories for The Tech Savvy Traveler
    iPhone Accessories for The Tech Savvy Traveler
    Here's a selection of iPhone accessories designed to help travelers stay connected to their iPhones while on the Go.With olloclip'sranges of lenses, one's iPhone or iPod Touch becomes a camera that can a wide range of shots from...
  • Mobile app roundup: Top 5 iPhone apps for 2014
    Mobile app roundup: Top 5 iPhone apps for 2014
    Welcome to my top 5 iPhone apps for 2014 end-of-year roundup list. Yes, it's that time of year again. I will give you a peek inside of my own personal toolkit.Top 5 iPhone apps 2014Facebook (free app)I use this everyday to monitor my News feed...


  • Dish drops Fox news and business network
    Dish drops Fox news and business network
    Saturday evening many Subscribers to Dish Networks had were disappointed when Fox News and their affiliated channels went dark. The blackout, which is still going, was a result of an impasse between the satellite TV provider and Fox while...
  • Mobile Carriers spying on Users
    Mobile Carriers spying on Users
    How does my mobile phone know I like tools, electronic gadgets and tarantulas? It keeps showing me ads for these products! Christmas is coming and my kids like bugs, big bugs.How does it know? It’s called “supercookies”. And they...
  •  Action Bronson : Actin Crazy
    Action Bronson : Actin Crazy
    A raunchy, cylinder-shaped ginger of Eastern European ancestry might not be the first dude you'd peg for rap stardom, but that's exactly the mantle Action Bronson is on the verge of possessing. Over the last two years, the 28-year old...