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  • Apple Watch can potentially replace these common products
    Apple Watch can potentially replace these common products
    Apple Watch is coming in April and like other iOS Apple products, the Apple Watch promises to be to be disruptive, according to a March 1 report in Tech CheatSheet. The Apple Watch is not the first smartwatch to hit the market. But like the iPad,...
  • HTC Vive
    HTC partners up with Valve for VR headset
    HTC wasn't finished with making announcements today, after already unveiling the HTC One M9; the company also announced a huge partnership with Valve, as they revealed a VR (virtual reality) headset called the HTC Vive.It was a rather...
  • HTC One M9
    HTC officially reveals the HTC One M9
    The various leaks of the HTC One M9 were true, as today at its Mobile World Congress press conference, HTC officially revealed the HTC One M9.As had been seen in various videos and leaked photos, there is in fact a two-tone M9, which features gold...



  • Selfie sticks let people take better selfie photos with mobile phone cameras.
    Selfie stick is hottest new smartphone accessory
    Most travelers have already noticed the latest tech accessory: the selfie stick. They've been banned in museums around the world, according this Feb. 27 article on The reason is that museum curators fear that museum goers...
  • Mobile revenue growth set to explode
    Mobile revenue growth set to explode
    Mobile growth has been on a tear in recent years and is now set to soar even higher. A recent report predicts that revenue from the mobile Internet will rise three-fold to $700 billion by 2017 compared to 2014 numbers. According to VentureBeat on...
  • Selfie sticks banned in museums
    Museums ban selfie sticks
    You've seen them before - you may have even used one before - the extended sticks with cell phone attached that supposedly provide the perfect distance for taking photos of yourself. They're everywhere, and if you live in or visit major...


  • Coursera
    Do You Want to Study Abroad For Free? Check out Coursera
    Keep an eye on Coursera.Coursera, an online education platform, has the potential to revolutionize higher education, and more importantly, knock down the financial and logistical barriers that limit access to top tier institutions.The Top 5...
  • Mobile Apps Failing Security Tests
    Mobile Apps Failing Security Tests
    It’s been said that there are over a million different apps for the smartphone. Well, however many may exist, know that not all of them are passing security tests with flying colors.You may already be a user of at least several of the 25...
  • Netflix is bringing back the 1980's with a new Inspector Gadget
    Netflix is bringing back the 1980's with a new Inspector Gadget
    If you are part of generation X you probably grew up watching the animated show Inspector Gadget. Always tuning to see what adventures are next for the bumbling Inspector John Gadget and often malfunctioning, built-in gadgets; his niece Penny and...