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  • OXA Juice Box S2 10000mAh External Battery: More Juice More Life
    OXA Juice Box S2 10000mAh External Battery: More Juice More Life
    It seems that each new power bank brings some new and useful feature or larger power capacity for charging your smartphone and other devices. The Juice Box S2 from OXA USA does both.While not the largest capacity power bank that I've come...
  • Design Limitations
    Design Limitations: A Bane or Boon
    I was having a rather intriguing conversation with an SEO marketer about design the other day. I know a lot of you are probably thinking “why would you talk design with SEO” and this is probably the first mistake that people make when...
  • Instantly Framed App
    Instantly Framed gives life to the photos on your phone
    It's the $64,000 question.What to do with all of those images living on your smartphone and tablet?The quick answer I'm going to give you is "Instantly Framed."Instantly Framed is a way to get your best iPhone or iPad photos in a...



  • Call of Duty: Heroes
    Call of Duty: Heroes is a smart RTS for dumb gamers
    Call of Duty: Heroes is suppose to be a new take on the iconic shooter by bringing the action to the mobile device within the context of a Real Time Strategy game. Instead it's nothing more than a mediocre RTS developed to make casual gamers...
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in white
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compared to iPhone 6 Plus: A look at the big phones
    Samsung launched its fourth generation "phablet," the Samsung Galaxy Note 4,this fall. Reviewers are doing a great job of comparing it to iPhone 6 Plus, including articledated Nov. 21. The Note 4 is the 5.7-inch display...
  • Une Bobine, iPhones are better at eye level
    Une Bobine, the charge dock for the ultimate multitasker
    For many people, the workspace consists of a laptop, ipad and iphone. All these devices are laid out on a desk or table within easy access. The constant switch, grab, swap is a part of any typical work day. The Une Bobine is the new device that...


  • Ghostface Killah: 36 Seasons
    Ghostface Killah : 36 Seasons
    Tony Starks returns to Staten Island after 9 years, like a man returning home from a war. He wants the company of old friends, to reunite with his girl, to live a quiet life.But New York has other plans for him…To visually flesh out the...
  • What is a Computer Worm?
    What is a Computer Worm?
    Worms. Most of us probably think of them as those squirmy invertebrates we dissected as a kid or found on the sidewalk after a storm. You might have used them as bait for fishing (not phishing), to pull a prank or have even eaten them (no judgment...
  • The Internet
    The Internet
    The future is here, we’re living in it. Science fiction has become science. Everywhere you look you see smartphones, tablets, TV’s and devices that essentially connect us from one part of the world to the other without much delay.The...