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  • Donkey helps businessman recover iPhone that fell 9,300 ft.
    Donkey helps businessman recover iPhone that fell 9,300 ft.
    So a man, an iPhone and a donkey are in the middle of Texas… After a pressure change caused a latch on a Beechcraft Bonanza airplane en route to Kickapoo Airport from Houston, the iPhone of Ben Wilson, the owner of Gas Corp. of America,...
  • Best Buy will begin selling the Apple Watch in early August.
    Best Buy will be selling the Apple Watch this season
    Apple and Best Buy just announced that Best Buy will be the first national merchandiser other than Apple to sell the Apple Watch in the U.S. Best Buy will begin selling the Apple Watch on Aug. 7, according's report dated July 27....
  • Apps such as these iPad apps may be on sale at the App Store
    Apple cuts prices, some by 80%, for 100 games and apps at App Store
    Apple just reduced the price on 100 apps and games. Many have been reduced from from about $5 to or $0.99. The offer covers a number of popular games and apps. So it appears that Apple and some of their developers are promoting the Apple App Store...

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  • Mad Max in action
    Mad Max PS4 hands-on: A dry desert dripping with daring, deadly diversions
    Warner Bros. is coming off of releasing two enormous hits over the past handful of months, with games likeMortal Kombat X, The Witcher 3 andBatman Arkham Knight all receiving enormous praise and commercial success.Mad Max is the next major game...
  • Emily in Dishonored 2
    Arkane Studios on Dishonored 2's Emily: A finesse character, differs from Corvo
    Back in 2012, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios released a brand-new IP calledDishonored. The game told a very unique story inside of the fictional city of Dunwall, and introduced a new character named Corvo Attano.A new iteration is on the...
  • TwitchCon 2015
    Everything about TwitchCon 2015
    Throughout the summer information about the first ever TwitchCon has been revealed to users of the popular video game streaming service. The event will be held in San Francisco from the 25-26th. Tickets are available now for $50 and up.TwitchCon...


  • Security is a global concern.
    Understanding the role of the private security services
    Last month a tragedy hit in the Washington D.C. area of the United States when a talented, young father was shot and killed. He was ambushed while serving as a security guard for an apartment complex. This young man was preparing to serve his...
  • A look into Cyber Weapons of the Future
    A look into Cyber Weapons of the Future
    Remember the good ‘ol days when you thought of a finger pushing a button that launched a Russian missile that then sped at seven miles per second towards the U.S. to blow it up?Little did we know back then what would one day be a way for the...
  • NYC
    Top 5 ways to discover New York without going down the tourist avenue
    Whether you’re new to New York or finding that the city has been your stomping ground for quite some time, chances are there are still many hidden gems old and new, that you have yet to discover. So forget the ‘I Love New York’...
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