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  • COGITO Bluetooth Watch
    Tech Review: COGITO and COOKOO Bluetooth Watches
    Have you ever experienced the frustration of missing an important phone call, text message, or email? Or even worse, have you left your phone behind at home, in your car, a taxicab, or restaurant? If any of these scenarios has ever happened to you...
  • White Apple Watch
    With over one million orders already, why is the Apple Watch so popular
    While the Apple Watch may look like a cool new gadget, that doesn’t entirely explain why the new device was ordered by over a million people the first day it went on sale. According to a report by Slice Intelligence, 957,000 people pre...
  • Application Development
    How Apps are Using Social Media to Market Themselves in 2015
    As the number one business and personal add on feature of today's modern landscape of commerce, the app continues to expand the functionality of mobile devices and lifestyles across the globe. This is great for consumers, but app makers now...

Tech Gear

  • Digital Security Lock
    Protect yourself and your information with a VPN
    We've already talked about data protection and security at the enterprise level, but what about for the typical Internet user? What's out there to protect them? There are multiple options available for small businesses meant to protect...
  • Chris Roberts makes his case for better security
    Chris Roberts makes his case for better security
    After being forced off a flight to San Francisco, spending hours of questioning by the FBI, and having all of his electronic gear confiscated, security expert Chris Roberts finally got a chance to present his side of the story to attendees at the...
  • Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset
    Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset
    The Jabra Stealth Bluetooth headset makes phone calls as easy as speaking a name and a word that includes clear communication with high definition clarity.Ease of Use, Performance: 3/5Look & Feel: 5/5Features: 3/5How much I enjoy: 2...


  • 'Rainbow Six: Siege' action
    New 'Rainbow Six: Siege' trailer drops, launches on PS4, Xbox One & PC this fall
    Ubisoft officially revealed Rainbow Six: Siege back at E3 2014 and since then we've gradually found out more information about the upcoming shooter. Today, Ubisoft released a brand-new trailer for Siege, confirming the game would be arriving...
  • 'ESO' subscription
    Why Bethesda dropped the 'Elder Scrolls Online' subscription model
    TheElder Scrollsfranchise is one of the most popular brands in gaming today and last year,Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) made its debut on PC and MAC. As most of you will remember, the game debuted with a subscription model that had many gamers...
  • Cthulhu Wars review #11: Byakhee
    Cthulhu Wars review #11: Byakhee
    This is the latest installment in a continuing series of reviews of the miniatures from the Kickstarter-launched Cthulhu Wars. For more info about Cthulhu Wars see the Kickstarter page. This review covers the very insectoid-looking bykahee.Here&...


  • Town sees Big Spike in Burglaries
    Town sees Big Spike in Burglaries
    Why are so many burglaries hounding the town of Los Altos in California? There were 79 reported in 2013, but 118 for 2014. This past January and February there were 36. At that rate, by Christmas 2015, it’s unthinkable what the total number...
  • "Everyone Loves Raymond" Cast Photo
    Sawyer Sweeten (child star on "Everybody Loves Raymond") dead at 19
    It is a sad day when the measurement of one's life is analyzed according to what is written on the Wikipedia site. True, it isn't known what all contributed to the decision that drove Sawyer Sweeten to take his own life at the young age of...
  • The Marshall Stanmore; art deco beauty 21st century sound
    The Marshall Stanmore; art deco beauty 21st century sound
    There are speakers that span every inch of the market. The go from the low end that will be dead after a few uses, the ultra high end that have an unattainable price point. Many of them have been reviewed here.This is a first here though. You will...
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