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  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 2
    Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 review: A Massive phone that's a big let down
    The original Samsung Galaxy Mega shocked the smartphone world when it was launched back in June of 2013 simply because of it's 'mega' 6.3-inch display, unfortunately apart from the huge display the phone really did not set the...
  • Netflix says 'never' to offline viewing
    Netflix says 'never' to offline viewing
    Netflix has laid down the law, much like a parent who’s just tired of hearing about cake for breakfast. It’s never going to happen. But for Netflix, what won’t ever happen is offline viewing. According to TechRadar on Wednesday,...
  • Esorun's iStand
    Esorun's iStand serves many functions
    In my opinion, the best accessories are those that can accomplish more than one task.The new Esorun iStand has emerged from crowdfunding and it's now available for sale.Do you know Esorun?You should.Esorun is a MFi licensee and a professional...




  • Chip and PIN, will It save Us?
    Chip and PIN, will It save Us?
    Many Americans, says a recent survey by Gallup, worry about a data breach connected to the use of their credit cards. Interestingly, many people use a credit card for everything under the sun: even just a soda and bag of chips from the convenience...
  • Have you been doing your seasonal home maintenance?
    Have you been doing your seasonal home maintenance?
    Being a homeowner is not the same as being a renter with the exception of having your name on the deed. There’s a lot of work you have to do to maintain your property. Mowing the grass and raking the leaves are just the basics. You also need...
  • What's a fancation anyway?
    What's a fancation anyway?
    Sometimes when you are planning a vacation choosing a destination can be difficult. Should you go somewhere beachy or to a city with a lot of museums and restaurants? A popular trend these days is to take a “fancation” to a location...