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  • Battlefield Hardline
    ‘Battlefield Hardline’ returning players will get a free bonus in-game package
    Those who have played any one of the three installments of the Battlefield franchise will receive a few special in-game bonuses within Battlefield Hardline when it launches next month. Electronic Arts and Visceral announced on Feb. 18 that...
  • Steve Bristow
    Atari original Steve Bristow has passed away
    Steve Bristow, one of the earliest Atari employees in the 1970s, passed away Sunday, Feb. 22, according to Atari archivist Marty Goldberg.Bristow helped with Computer Space, the 1971 commercial arcade video game that pre-dated Pong and later moved...
  • #Lootcrate 2015 Feb. (Play): Munny Vinyl Figure
    #Lootcrate 2015 Feb. (Play): Munny Vinyl Figure
    Loot Crate is a monthly service in which you receive geek-friendly merchandise at a discount, grouped around a particular theme. This month's theme was Play, which can pretty much cover any kind of game the Loot Crate gang can think of. I...


  • Mobile revenue growth set to explode
    Mobile revenue growth set to explode
    Mobile growth has been on a tear in recent years and is now set to soar even higher. A recent report predicts that revenue from the mobile Internet will rise three-fold to $700 billion by 2017 compared to 2014 numbers. According to VentureBeat on...
  • Selfie sticks banned in museums
    Museums ban selfie sticks
    You've seen them before - you may have even used one before - the extended sticks with cell phone attached that supposedly provide the perfect distance for taking photos of yourself. They're everywhere, and if you live in or visit major...
  • [expose]
    A brilliant accessory for your iPhone photography - [expose]
    Knog is an Australian company with a knack for design – they’ve won 37 international design awards – and they’ve come up with another winner that iPhone photographers are going to love.[expose]The light Apple wishes they...


  • Netflix is bringing back the 1980's with a new Inspector Gadget
    Netflix is bringing back the 1980's with a new Inspector Gadget
    If you are part of generation X you probably grew up watching the animated show Inspector Gadget. Always tuning to see what adventures are next for the bumbling Inspector John Gadget and often malfunctioning, built-in gadgets; his niece Penny and...
  • 15 Top Facebook Privacy Tips
    15 Top Facebook Privacy Tips
    You wouldn’t have to worry about privacy issues on Facebook if you didn’t post sensitive, private information on Facebook…such as information that one day can be used against you. And really, you should share only what you...
  • QBES
    QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Solution
    Business is already or rapidly shifting to cloud, it is not only cost-effective, but also saves time and allows a hassle free flow of the work. QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting increases the productivity by allowing multiple user access at the same...