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  • Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Wristwatch
    Tech Review: Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Wristwatch
    Bluetooth watches are all the rage these days. The problem with most of them is that they typically require recharging every 24-72 hours. On top of that, many are not designed to handle any exposure to water or impact.This is where G-Shock watches...
  • iPhone 6
    iOS 8.4 now available; includes Apple Music
    Apple has released the iOS 8.4 update this morning, which brings with it Apple Music, some improvements to iBooks and a few other fixes and improvements.Obviously Apple Music, which was revealed during the company's WWDC last month in San...
  • Apple Music
    Apple Music aims to change the face of the music industry yet again
    The highly anticipated and much publicized launch of Apple Music, a streaming music subscription service, is set for June 30th, 2015. When a company such as Apple envisions changing the way we see or do things, they normally pull it off. They have...

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  • What's up with subscription boxes?
    What's up with subscription boxes?
    Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail, especially when that stuff has nothing to do with bills or grownup responsibilities. That’s precisely why the subscription box craze is so huge right now. You can get subscription boxes for all kinds...
  • An ode to Angry Drivers
    An ode to Angry Drivers
    “Wes” is a professional man who, if you saw walking on the street, you‘d easily imagine being jumped by a few teen punks and getting beaten up for his wallet. Wes is nearing retirement age, has a potbelly, doesn‘t work out,...
  • Fourth of July trends in travel
    Fourth of July travel trends and accessories to help you celebrate
    Hot fun in the summertime and with Fourth of July weekend trending today on Googlemost are deciding what they will do to celebrate the festivities and where to watch the fireworks. For many it could mean a staycation and for others a trip around...
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