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  • Clash of Clans by Super Cell Screenshot
    Its time for war in Clash of Clans pt. 1
    Hello fellow gamers!, The new fascination with the cell phone game Clash of Clans has reached an epic level. After finding a clan that was a perfect fit for the players style of gaming, Clan Uncanny has finally declared war and we are now into...
  • Apple Watch
    An Honest Apple Watch Review (Video)
    As you know, I was one of the first people to test and review the Pebble smart watch, the Kreyos smart watch, and the Rufus Cuff Wrist Communicator (I'm still waiting for it to be completed and shipped to me). I'm a big wearable technology...
  • iPhone 6s: Rumors of a telephoto lens and new touchscreen technology
    iPhone 6s: Rumors of a telephoto lens and new touchscreen technology
    The new Apple iPhone 6s may include some much needed lens upgrades and more. A flurry of updates to the incredibly popular mobile device is in the offing depending on whom you believe. According AppleInsider on April 30, 2015, telephoto and wide...

Tech Gear

  • The ColorChecker still a standard
    The ColorChecker still a standard
    For many photographers hearing the words color management makes their eyes glaze over. While it may seem like voodoo at times, it’s really very simple. What you’re doing is calibrating or matching to a know color standard. In the days...
  • Paranoid Fan App
    Paranoid Fan is a GPS and 'Tinder' app for sports fans
    Sports fans are always looking for other sports fans.It's just hard to locate those like-minded individuals with all those sports to watch and play.The "Paranoid Fan" app is out to make life a little easier for sports fans and it'...
  • Neurio
    Neurio proves 'one sensor' is all it takes
    Neurio emerges from Kickstarter and it's a viable way to easily make your home a "smart home."I've hears all the reasons against having a “smart home.”- Too expensive- Too confusing- Wrong appliances- House too...



  • Risks of Public WiFi
    Risks of Public WiFi
    Wired internet or wireless WiFi, the warnings are out there: Don’t visit any websites that you have important accounts with when using a public computer (hotel, airport, café, etc.).Visiting even a more trivial account, such as an online...
  • Killa E - Paper
    Killa E - Paper
    Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes presents the release of "Paper" the new single from Killa EKilla E was born in Long Island, NY. At the age of 2 he moved down south to Gastonia, NC. His parents left NY for finacial problems and better...
  • Stogan - First Period
    Stogan - First Period
    Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes presents the release of the "First Period" Mixtape by Stogan."Stogan" real name is Logan Cigrang, born and raised in Santa Clarita, Ca. A city just north of Los Angeles. Currently resides in Lancaster, Ca...
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