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  • White Apple Watch
    With over one million orders already, why is the Apple Watch so popular
    While the Apple Watch may look like a cool new gadget, that doesn’t entirely explain why the new device was ordered by over a million people the first day it went on sale. According to a report by Slice Intelligence, 957,000 people pre...
  • Application Development
    How Apps are Using Social Media to Market Themselves in 2015
    As the number one business and personal add on feature of today's modern landscape of commerce, the app continues to expand the functionality of mobile devices and lifestyles across the globe. This is great for consumers, but app makers now...
  • Apple’s iOS 8.3: 300+ New emojis!
    Apple’s iOS 8.3: 300+ New emojis!
    In a recent interview on “Conan,” Australian actress, Maia Mitchell, somewhat jokingly commented on the lack of cultural diversity in the emojis on Apple devices.As if in response to the aforementioned comment, Apple released iOS 8.3...

Tech Gear

  • diodone
    Getting naked with Moopti
    Have you ever wished you could think less and do more? It’s the little things that fill our days, steal our time, and take us away from getting stuff done. Thanks to Moopti, one of modern life’s little annoyances will soon be a thing...
  • Lightroom CC Update
    A big new update for Adobe Lightroom
    Adobe announced today a major update to their photography app, Lightroom. Lightroom has been updated to Lightroom and is now an official member of the Creative Cloud. Okay, Lightroom was a member of the Creative Cloud with Lightroom 5, but now...
  • Security expert's flight trouble brings new focus to connected devices
    Security expert's flight trouble brings new focus on connected devices
    As one of the largest cybersecurity conferences of the year – RSA – begins in San Francisco today, the weekend barring from a United Airlines flight of noted security researcher Chris Roberts has brought national attention to the...



  • Lost your Master Password, do This
    Lost your Master Password, do This
    You have a master password, from your password manager, for 28 accounts. Life has been so easy since!But then you lose this master password. First off, you can’t fix this like you would if you forgot your password for PayPal or your credit...
  • The HP Pavilion Mini; mini in size with super sized power
    The HP Pavilion Mini; mini in size with super sized power
    Everyone is used to the portability of a laptop, a tablet, etc. HP has taken power and minimal footprint to a new level with the HP Pavilion Mini. Mini is a key word. It is a full powered computer that really fit in the palm of your hand, a...
  • What is a Virus?
    What is Virus?
    Have you ever had the chicken pox? This common childhood illness has another name—the varicella zoster virus. Like all viruses, varicella replicates itself, spreading though the body, and eventually appearing as itchy red blisters all over...
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