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  • need a computer?
    Does your Child Need a Computer?
    This is a question I get from parents all the time. Most parents want to get what their child needs as affordably as possible, and don’t want to save a few bucks at the expense of their child. If that sounds like you, here are suggestions on...
  • DBPower Mini Waterproof Snapshot Pipe Cam Endoscope: Record in AVI or JPG format
    DBPower Mini Waterproof Snapshot Pipe Cam Endoscope: Record in AVI or JPG format
    Did you ever wish you could see inside a mouse hole or look down a pipe for a lost ring? The DBPower Mini Waterproof Endoscope can do both and take videos and pictures in the process. The 6 Leds provide bright light to illuminate the path ahead of...
  • Fire TV
    Amazon's Fire TV gets new apps
    Amazon has announced that its Fire TV device has received brand new apps, while boasting that its offerings have now tripled since it launched in April.The new apps and games launched today include Spotify, PBS, PBS Kids, NFL Now, A&E, HISTORY...


  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
    ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’ fans receive another set of bonus rare items
    The Borderlands franchise is known for the ridiculous amounts of loot which player can collect in the co-op shooter. Since the series’ most recent installment still has players searching for better equipment, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel fans...
  • Minecraft Skyrim Mash-up Pack
    ‘Minecraft’ dev teases the ‘Skyrim’ mash-up pack running on PS4, PS3
    It now looks like Playstation owners might finally soon be able to purchase their first Minecraft mash-up pack DLC. While 4J Studios is responsible for all console ports of the popular block-filled title, the special mash-up pack add-ons are...
  • #Sharknado threat 6: Dinonami
    #Sharknado threat 6: Dinonami
    Talien (AKA Tal) the satyr paladin and Maleficent (AKA Mal) the half-fiend/half-fey sorceress are back with yet another talk show, this one reviewing famous monsters and disasters from the Syfy channel, with stats for 5th Edition Dungeons &...



  • The Deebot D77 does the cleaning, while you do the nothing
    The Deebot D77 does the cleaning, while you do the nothing
    What’s better than holding a remote in your hand, sitting in the recliner with your favorite beverage and……Vacuuming the floors or carpets? If you say “Nothing” well then you need to pay attention to the Deebot D77...
  • 5 ways Criminals hack your PC
    5 ways Criminals hack your PC
    Hackers are hell-bent on busting into the network of their targets. They are persistent—never giving up. When you build your defense against cyber criminals, it must be done with the idea that they WILL succeed. When you operate on this...
  • Phishing - social engineering fraud at its worst
    Social engineering exploits vulnerabilities of human hardware
    The present-day con artists are very well aware of the weakest link in an arbitrary organization that they intend to hack into. It’s not really the firewalls, military-grade encryption or cutting-edge intrusion detection systems. It’s...