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  • 2014 Amazon Black Friday TV deals
    2014 Amazon Black Friday sale: Top 10 TV deals with free shipping
    Hoping to score a deal on a new TV on Black Friday? You won't have to wait that long because Amazon is offering big discounts on HDTVs starting on November 21 and running right through Friday, November 28, 2014. Find deals on Samsung, Toshiba,...
  • Lyft Driver
    Lyft has an Edge over Uber and it’s not just Price
    Lyft has an Edge over Uber and it’s not just Price Driving for Lyft makes it hard to anticipate what type of passenger you are next going to pick up compared to what your typical Uber driver expects to open their car door. Uber is the...
  • tech teacher
    A Day in the Life of a Tech Teacher
    I love summer. I sit at home, reading, researching, chatting with friends. I make my own schedule, own my own time, start and finish a project without interruptions.That is a massive high to me.Why? I’m a tech teacher. That is like a geek+....




  • What is an LG OLED TV? A super-thin home theater from Best Buy
    What is an LG OLED TV? A super-thin curved home theater from Best Buy
    Wow. That’s the first word that came to mind when simply viewing the photos of the LG OLED TV – what Best Buy calls “The Ultimate Display!” – over on their website at looks super-thin and it is,...
  • Top social media trends for 2015
    Top social media trends for 2015
    A recent article by Jayson DeMers published in Forbes on November 19, 2014, discussed seven social media marketing trends for 2015. You can read the whole article for yourself, but I have picked some of the highlights and offer my opinions about...
  • Unwanted software promoted through bundling
    Freeware bundles may turn out a pig in a poke
    The cybercrime infrastructure is a ramified network of interrelated components that arrange for the entire malware deployment cycle, ranging from the distribution all the way to illicit gain. This workflow varies depending on the virus category....