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  • Rise screen
    Square Enix CEO Phil Rogers discusses 2015 games, trends and a lot more
    Square Enix has one of the most dynamic and interesting game lineups for the rest of 2015, with games likeLife is Strange, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hitman andJust Cause 3 all lining up for release before year's end. The quality of game seems...
  • 2K reveals new Mafia game
    2K Games reveals Mafia III: PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms yet to be confirmed
    It has been five years since we saw the last iteration in theMafia franchise, withMafia II, and many have been expecting a new installment to be revealed as of late. Today, 2K Games gave everyone their wish when they officially announced the next...
  • Gen Con
    What's debuting at Gen Con 2015
    This year's Gen Con, which begins for some retailers tomorrow, is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the United States, spanning every form of gaming from card to role-playing to miniature games and everything in between. Here's some...


  • How has the American home changed?
    How has the American home changed the most?
    Houses built today are certainly different from those built a hundred years ago. Even houses built 50 years ago are quite different from modern houses. And it’s not just the architecture that’s different. There have been some pretty...
  • How to sign out of all Google Accounts
    How to sign out of all Google Accounts
    Let’s cut to the chase (never mind how you misplaced your phone): There are several ways to sign out of your Google accounts remotely. It takes three steps, and you’ll need the desktop version of Google.On a mobile use a browser...
  • Donald Trump Hat
    You're Fired Up: Trump, Social Media, and Digital Politics
    Recent polls suggest the popularity of Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency, as Trump has been receiving wide media coverage since his announcement. Though he may not be considered a “serious” candidate compared to other...
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