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  • iPhone 6, left, is a little smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
    Comparing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, page 2
    Page 2 of 2. Click for Page 1.The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's split-screen functionality is another big new feature. Some, not all, apps on the S6 Edge provide a two-screen icon. Tapping this moves your old session to the top half of the screen...
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge flanked by iPhones 6 and 6 Plus
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge compared to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
    Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge is available now at Verizon, Best Buy, T-Mobile and other stores. This is the hot looking new Android smartphonewith curved Gorilla Glass edges on its right and left sides. Unexpectedly high demand for the Edge phones...
  • COGITO Bluetooth Watch
    Tech Review: COGITO and COOKOO Bluetooth Watches
    Have you ever experienced the frustration of missing an important phone call, text message, or email? Or even worse, have you left your phone behind at home, in your car, a taxicab, or restaurant? If any of these scenarios has ever happened to you...

Tech Gear

  • Apple Watch
    Newsflash: Tribune Publishing releases Apple Watch app
    This week, Apple began shipping the first batch of the highly anticipated Apple Watch. Not surprisingly, many organizations have been early adopters of this technology based on the success of the iPhone and iPad, including Tribune Publishing....
  • Audiobooks For a Workout
    11 Audiobooks picks for your next workout
    Dreading that next workout?Yea, I know it's monotonous, but it's something we all do in some way, shape or form.I know a way to put some enjoyment in your workout and the time may even go a little faster as your "spin," move...
  • ThermaCELL Insoles
    ThermaCELL Heated Insoles keep toes and feet warm
    If you are like me, you've been outdoors a lot this spring and not all the days have felt "spring-like."In short, your feet need to stay warm.Per ThermaCELL:ThermaCELL Heated Insoles keep toes toasty so you can endure the elements...



  • 5 Online Security Tips You need to know
    5 Online Security Tips You need to know
    It’s up to the potential victim—the user—YOU—to make your computer or smartphone very difficult for Joe Hackster to infiltrate.PasswordsBeing that cyber crime has been a fixture of modern living for over a decade, you&rsquo...
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Solution
    7 Characteristics of the Best QuickBooks Hosting provider
    When endowed with the task of choosing Best QuickBooks Hosting provider for your business, making the right decision is your absolute aim. Brand hunting at this stage is less likely to yield the desired results. The path to choosing the best QB...
  • Secretary of Defense discloses Russian hack of Pentagon network
    Secretary of Defense discloses Russian hack of Pentagon network
    US Secretary of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter disclosed that Russian hackers breached one of the Defense Department’s unclassified computer networks earlier this year.The remarks were made by Secretary Carter during a speech on technology...
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