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Tech Gear

  • MOS Kick
    The MOS Kick is the world's smallest smartphone stand
    Note: I have a policy that I don't cover Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaigns, but here is an exception, because I have a working review sample.A stand for your smartphone that can fit in your pocket or on a keyring.I like things that are...
  • SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive: Ultra-small, super-fast, and secure
    SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive: Ultra-small, super-fast, and secure
    The Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive from SanDisk is a low profile marvel that is so small you will almost forget it's in the USB port. This is particularly convenient for use with notebooks that are transported in briefcases and backpacks. There...
  • Gear VR
    Samsung Gear VR will be available next week
    On Thursday morning, Samsung released the official Gear VR and Oculus account instruction manual. This signals that the Gear VR, which only works with the Galaxy Note 4, is ready for release. In fact, an insider from Samsung tells us that the Gear...



  • Call of Duty: Heroes
    Call of Duty: Heroes is a smart RTS for dumb gamers
    Call of Duty: Heroes is suppose to be a new take on the iconic shooter by bringing the action to the mobile device within the context of a Real Time Strategy game. Instead it's nothing more than a mediocre RTS developed to make casual gamers...
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in white
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compared to iPhone 6 Plus: A look at the big phones
    Samsung launched its fourth generation "phablet," the Samsung Galaxy Note 4,this fall. Reviewers are doing a great job of comparing it to iPhone 6 Plus, including articledated Nov. 21. The Note 4 is the 5.7-inch display...
  • Une Bobine, iPhones are better at eye level
    Une Bobine, the charge dock for the ultimate multitasker
    For many people, the workspace consists of a laptop, ipad and iphone. All these devices are laid out on a desk or table within easy access. The constant switch, grab, swap is a part of any typical work day. The Une Bobine is the new device that...


  • 10 Tips to avoid Scams when traveling
    10 Tips to avoid Scams when traveling
    Vacationers and tourists provide a vast feeding ground for all sorts of crooks: from the simple pick-pocketing specialist to the hotel room burglar to the e-thief: credit card skimming and computer crimes. You can even have your identity stolen...
  • Cybercriminals love the holidays
    Don't be a victim to cyber theft during holiday shopping season
    With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday looming, shoppers are thinking about bargains and getting the most for their dollars. They should also be thinking of protecting the dollars they don't spend, as well as their...
  • Visual Hacking is High Tech Shoulder Surfing
    Visual Hacking is High Tech Shoulder Surfing
    A visual hacker can infiltrate you—from the outside in. Quite literally, a person (ranging from a snoop to a cyber criminal) can peer over your shoulder while you’re using your computer or mobile (“shoulder surfing” or ...