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  • Silent Circle unveils new Blackphone
    Silent Circle Unveils World's First Enterprise Privacy Platform
    Silent Circle today unveiled the world’s first enterprise privacy platform, a unique combination of devices, software and services, based upon and built from a fundamentally different mobile architecture –ZRTP. It includes the launch...
  • PhotoTime App for iOS
    PhotoTime app allows you to tag your photos and more
    The one camera you have with you at all times is the one on your smartphone.As time goes on, smartphone cameras keep getting better and better and so do the apps we use to fine tune, share and sort our images.From action shots to family photos and...
  • TeamChat the new mobile messenger
    TeamChat Is The New Business Messager
    Ever heard of the term “chatlet” ....if not, you soon will.It is an intriguing aspect of a new technology called TeamChat that is being launched to help put the “organize” back into organization when it comes to shared...



  • Selfie sticks let people take better selfie photos with mobile phone cameras.
    Selfie stick is hottest new smartphone accessory
    Most travelers have already noticed the latest tech accessory: the selfie stick. They've been banned in museums around the world, according this Feb. 27 article on The reason is that museum curators fear that museum goers...
  • Mobile revenue growth set to explode
    Mobile revenue growth set to explode
    Mobile growth has been on a tear in recent years and is now set to soar even higher. A recent report predicts that revenue from the mobile Internet will rise three-fold to $700 billion by 2017 compared to 2014 numbers. According to VentureBeat on...
  • Selfie sticks banned in museums
    Museums ban selfie sticks
    You've seen them before - you may have even used one before - the extended sticks with cell phone attached that supposedly provide the perfect distance for taking photos of yourself. They're everywhere, and if you live in or visit major...