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  • authentic assessments
    20 Sites for Authentic Assessments
    Here’s a good collection for both summative and formative assessments:Class badgesGrading automatically w G. Docs–FlubarooHollywood Sq/Jeopardy TemplatesJeopardy LabsNo Red Ink–track student learning, create quizzes, CC-based...
  • Apple’s newest USB
    Apple’s newest USB: C for charge!
    On March 9, 2015, Apple announced their newest iteration of the Macbook (starting at $1299 and available in silver, gold, and space gray). Most interestingly, this compact laptop (approximately 0.5” tall x 11” wide x 7.7” deep)...
  • Tim Cook and the Apple Watch
    If You Want an Apple Watch, You’d Better Reserve One
    The Apple Watch launches in a little less than a week, but if you're planning to waltz right into your local Apple Store on launch day to get a specific configuration, you’re out of luck pal. A source from within a flagship location said...




  • Sheriff’s office offers Home Security Tips
    Sheriff’s office offers Home Security Tips
    Here’s good advice from a sheriff’s office about how to protect your house.Burglars and home invaders don’t give a flying hoot if you keep thinking, “It can’t happen to me and this is a safe neighborhood.” In...
  • The state of nonprofits
    The state of nonprofits
    In today’s economic climate, people are depending heavily on charitable organizations to fill a lot of gaps. Demand is way up- 80% of nonprofit organizations have reported an increase in demand, and an astounding 56% are unable to meet the...
  • Can an App really act as a Bodyguard?
    Can an App really act as a Bodyguard?
    In the event of an attack, new smartphone applications can be used to send an alarm to a pre-chosen person. And the potential victims location can then be tracked.But is this faster and more secure than a woman whipping out pepper spray and...