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  • Turn off your cellular data
    Using your cell phone on international travel (and not get killed with fees)
    Bringing your cell phone along on international vacation or business travel seems natural and a good idea to stay connected. However, just turning on the phone in another country could cost you hundreds of dollars if you are not careful or unaware...
  • Spotter Smart Monitor
    Make everyday life smarter with Spotter
    In this new world of smart technology, applications and gadgets are making life easier and easier. From smartphones that serve as personal assistants to smart locks that control the front door remotely, gadgets are becoming convenient in a whole...
  • Quickbooks
    Intuit unveils new Quickbooks Online ecosystem
    Intuit greatly changed its QuickBooks Online ecosystem Wednesday by unveiling upwards of 100 product enhancements. The announcements were made during the Intuit QuickBooks Connect conference going on this week in San Jose, California.One of the...




  • 2 Ways to Prevent Military Identity Theft
    2 Ways to Prevent Military Identity Theft
    You’d think that servicemen and women would be better protected than civilians from identity theft, but their risk is higher, since their Social Security numbers are used so often and also abroad. In Iraq, it’s painted on their laundry...
  • Michael Zehaf-Bibeau
    How the CIA targeted Canada’s political infrastructure in Ottawa shooting
    An exclusive new video posted to YouTube on October 23, 2014, offers analysis demonstrating involvement of at least one United States Navy SEAL in what is reportedly the CIA-backed contract killing of a Canadian Forces member at the National War...
  • Shocking stats about domestic violence
    Shocking stats about domestic violence
    Every year in the United States, more than 12 million people are the victim of rape, stalking, or physical violence perpetrated by their intimate partners. This figure is staggering. More than 1 in 3 women has experienced these forms of aggression...