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  • Clash of Clans by Super Cell Screenshot
    Its time for war in Clash of Clans pt. 1
    Hello fellow gamers!, The new fascination with the cell phone game Clash of Clans has reached an epic level. After finding a clan that was a perfect fit for the players style of gaming, Clan Uncanny has finally declared war and we are now into...
  • Apple Watch
    An Honest Apple Watch Review (Video)
    As you know, I was one of the first people to test and review the Pebble smart watch, the Kreyos smart watch, and the Rufus Cuff Wrist Communicator (I'm still waiting for it to be completed and shipped to me). I'm a big wearable technology...
  • iPhone 6s: Rumors of a telephoto lens and new touchscreen technology
    iPhone 6s: Rumors of a telephoto lens and new touchscreen technology
    The new Apple iPhone 6s may include some much needed lens upgrades and more. A flurry of updates to the incredibly popular mobile device is in the offing depending on whom you believe. According AppleInsider on April 30, 2015, telephoto and wide...

Tech Gear

  • Connected home gears up for a makeover
    Connected home gears up for a makeover
    The promise of the connected home is that everything from door locks to light bulbs will be smart and Internet connected. But the challenge facing product makers in the connected home industry is that not every consumer is willing to take the time...
  • Samsung Level On headphones review
    Samsung Level On Bluetooth headphones review
    Samsung's Level On headphones offer 3.5 mm wired or wireless Bluetooth connectivity, crystal-clear audio quality and an incredibly comfortable design.The Samsung Level On headphones come in black, white, red or blue and retail for $249.99....
  • Samsung Gear Circle review
    Samsung Gear Circle review: Fantastic sound quality
    It doesn't seem right to describe the Samsung Gear Circle product as "ear buds" since their HD sound quality rivals high-end headphones. However, they're compact like ear buds and go where ever ear buds might go, including to the...



  • Trusting too much brings Trouble
    Trusting too much brings Trouble
    There will always be the person who lives on the Equator to whom you can sell an electric heater. As they say, there is a sucker born every minute.This is why cyber criminals will always have a field day, like the crook who posed as a tax man who...
  • Website Navigation
    Website navigation: Why does it matter?
    No matter if you have the best content on the Internet, the experience that a user has on your website, is the glue that holds it all together. Your website navigation can either keep your customers coming back for more, or ensure your competitors...
  • Risks of Public WiFi
    Risks of Public WiFi
    Wired internet or wireless WiFi, the warnings are out there: Don’t visit any websites that you have important accounts with when using a public computer (hotel, airport, café, etc.).Visiting even a more trivial account, such as an online...
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