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  • Iphone and Ipad
    Quick tip to keeping your cell phone secure
    In today's world, cell phones are like tiny computers. In the same fashion that computers must have their software kept up to date, phones are the same way. The problem is that many people don't realize that by neglecting software updates...
  • Predictions of the next iPhone
    Predicting iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: Next iPhone features and release date
    Apple hasn't announced anything officially yet. Nevertheless, there are new, interesting leaks that indicate the next iPhones will look similar to last year's iPhones 6 and 6 Plus. They'll likely follow a similar release schedule, but...
  • i-FlashDrive MAX deserves a place in your travel bag
    i-FlashDrive MAX deserves a place in your travel bag
    One of life’s biggest bummers is running out of space on your iPhone while traveling. You can’t download any more songs and you can’t save any more photos or videos. If you are out of town and away from your computer when you...

Tech Gear

  • 1byone Bluetooth smart LED bulb
    1byone Bluetooth smart LED bulb [review]
    The 1byone Bluetooth smart LED bulb, an LED bulb that can not only be used for illuminating an area, but also for playing music. In other words, it is an LED bulb that has been integrated with Bluetooth technology and a speaker. So, you can play...
  • is a new way to watch your favorite sporting event
    For years, I've imagined how great it would be to sit back watching a football or baseball game and hearing other sports fans thoughts on what was transpiring before our eyes.Now with a new free social network service that allows people to...
  • 6 signs your website is telling you it needs a revamp
    6 signs your website is telling you it needs a revamp
    Every website owner knows that pain and joy that comes with creating and maintaining a website. Our websites are like our digital canvasses where we can visualize our ideas and present our image to the world. However, working on a website does not...



  • Brightspace
    Education technology websites: Brightspace staying ahead of the curve
    In today’s hyper-connected reality, it only makes sense to use all of the tools available to bring those who want to learn together with those who teach. As useful as their software is, it’s amazing how many learning management system ...
  • Crossing the street can be deadly
    Crossing the street can be deadly
    When your kids are little, you teach them about being safe. You teach them to swim and how to look both ways before they cross the street. If you’re really lucky, those lessons will stay with them into adulthood. Unfortunately, though, those...
  • The Impact of Ransomware on Small Businesses
    The Impact of Ransomware on Small Businesses
    What’s going on this September? National Preparedness Month. This will be the time to increase your awareness of the safety of your business, family, pets and community. During disasters, communication is key. National Preparedness Month...
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