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  • Mod that shizz
    'We didn't understand': Valve drops payment feature from Steam's Skyrim workshop
    After days of vitriol from the gaming community (a community that knows its vitriol), Steam's plan to have gamers pay for mods for ever-popular role-playing game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has come to an end. What started as an attempt by Steam...
  • 'ESO' subscription
    Why Bethesda dropped the 'Elder Scrolls Online' subscription model
    TheElder Scrollsfranchise is one of the most popular brands in gaming today and last year,Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) made its debut on PC and MAC. As most of you will remember, the game debuted with a subscription model that had many gamers...
  • Artifact Blast from Antiquities
    Artifact Blast from 'Antiquities'
    Artifact Blast is a notableMagic: The Gatheringcard from one of game's earliest expansion sets:Antiquities. This red instant was incredible because it gave red players access to an ability it rarely gets: The power to counter a spell.Artifact...


  • David Goldberg
    CEO of Survey Monkey, David Goldberg died suddenly
    The CEO of the survey site, Survey Monkey, David Goldberg died Friday night suddenly and unexpectedly. According to a report by IBN Live on May 2, he was just 47 years old. His death was unexpected and everyone is shocked and saddened by the news...
  • Misinformation
    How to spread misinformation on Wikipedia
    Imagine it's 1918. World War One has drawn to a close in Europe. The city of Cleveland founded its own orchestra. And over in Japan, the Sagami Railway is nearing completion of its first section of track, and soon its rail cars will be...
  • 6 Tips for Protecting Your Social Media Accounts
    6 Tips for Protecting Your Social Media Accounts
    10 years ago, many of us were hearing about social media for the first time. Now, social media plays a giant role in our lives, allowing us to share pictures, connect with family and friends, and get updated news. Through social media, we can...
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