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  • Cross in the storm
    Let them not eat
    There's a twist on Queen Marie Antoinette for you. Her Majesty was once told that her people had no bread--this was shortly before the French Revolution commenced its bloody course--and she replied that they ought to eat cake, then. She made...
  • Nativity
    Blessing the poor
    At this time of year, when the Christmas Spirit is emerging (as opposed to the Shop-Shop season, which I try to ignore), it would be useful to meditate on something that C. S. Lewis brought out in his seminal book Mere Christianity. Many, many...
  • Vote: Dump Obama and bulldoze the trash that ignores American law
    Vote: Dump Obama and bulldoze the trash that ignores American law
    One-by-one, President Obama has figuratively tossed many laws, that represent the will of the people, on the same heap Planned Parenthood piles high with bloody aborted babies. It's almost time for the people to carry out his trash. Time is...
  • Advocacy Group fights Back
    Advocacy group fights back against Chris Christie's harsh Budget Cuts
    Professional YouTube Screamer and occasional Governor of NJ Chris Christie appears to be a one man line-item veto wrecking machine. From his recent scrapping of funding for planned parenthood to reducing Medicaid funding for nursing homes by $25...
  • Tea Party Express IV Tour map
    Tea Party Folk: Tea Party Express is coming to Nevada, again
    The Tea Party Express IV: Liberty at the Ballot Box! Tour will start here in Nevada on October 18, 2010 in Reno first, then onto Elko.Then on October 19, 2010 the Express will head to Ely, and then to Las Vegas.The Tea Party Express getspart of...
  • Joe the Plumber AKA Samual Joseph Wurzelbacher
    Joe the Plumber wants to punch Bill Maher in the face
    Joe the Plumber akaSamuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the Ohio resident made (in)famous by the McCain-Palin campaign for his representation of the everyman during the 2008 election, seems to harbor some antipathy towards Bill Maher. At this point, one...
  • teabagger
    Bill Maher talks health reform victory on Real Time
    After months and months of speculating, Bill Maher was finally able to discuss health reform in actuality. “Healthcare reform is officially done”, Maher exalted, to an equally elated crowd. He went on to liken the bill’s passing...
  • scott-ashjian(1).jpg
    Tea Party of Nevada candidate Scott Ashjian, just like a Timex watch
    Scott Ashjian Tea Party of Nevada Scott Ashjian (T-NV), the Tea Party of Nevada candidate for US Senate has taken all kinds of political heat from the GOP since he and his Party were recognized by the State of Nevada, and like a Timex watch,...
  • 3722966679_02d1ab6e76(1).jpg
    Teabaggers, Confederate flags, and wishful thinking
    Though I no longer live there, I suppose I will always be a Son of the South. Where I grew up, a strong sense of solidarity with the Lost Cause of the Confederacy still existed, which to me was more a romantic ideal of what might had been then any...
  • 1101424-battle_reenactment-Borodino.jpg
    Re-enacting the past to serve the future
    The stereotypical definition of Feminists held by many is that they are frigid, miserable, depressed, angry, and obsessed with finding systemic fault in every man and under every rock. I find evidence of this sentiment no matter who I ask or where...
  • Tea Party Express Teabaggers
    GOP's Tea Party Express coming to Searchlight, NV this Saturday
    The Republicans will be in Searchlight, NV this Saturday with their Tea Party Express bus as the GOP launch their third trip across the country to bring Tea Party followers into the GOP fold. Republican flame throwers ranging from the local Fox...
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