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  • Chris McCain was all over the quarterbacks
    Pac 12 lifts suspension of Cal DE Chris McCain for targeting Trevor Siemian
    On Tuesday September 3, reported that the PAC 12 reinstated Chris McCain two days after being ejected from a game on Saturday night. McCain plays for Cal, and he hit the Northwestern quarterback, Trevor Siemian with a solid shot deep...
  • House Ways and Means Committee
    Shocker, IRS Still Targeting Tea Party Groups
    In a closed door hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee, an unnamed IRS agent testified that the IRS is still targeting Tea Party groups, 6 weeks after acting IRS chief, Danny Werfel testified that the BOLO was stopped. When asked what...
  • Lois Lerner
    The IRS story, Version2.1
    The IRS is now telling a new story. They now say the irregular screening took place for a longer period of time and was broader than previously thought, although he refused to give the details.New director, Danny Werfel, in a conference call with...
  • Holly Paz
    Attorney for IRS agent: Holly Paz now on administrative leave
    Roel Campos, the Washington lawyer for Internal Revenue Service agent Holly Paz, has made an emailed statement this weekend that Paz is now on administrative leave.That information comes from USA Today after many in the media believed Paz had...
  • Paul Ryan speaks at Ways and Means Committee hearing.
    IRS mass email may tie high-level officials to targeting scandal
    The IRS scandal has been in the news daily since the story broke, but today there were some interestingdevelopments. On June 06, 2013 the Colorado Conservative Examiner reported that famed Drudge Report editor and Washington Times columnist,...
  • Issa on SOTU
    Issa on IRS scandal: 'certainly people knew it was happening'
    Vista congressman Darrell Issa, the chairman of the House Oversight committee, believes that there is a “paid liar” in the White House.Issa, in an interview today with host Candy Crowley of CNN’s State of the Union, said he...
  • The IRS sticks it to Congress by refusing to send documents by deadline
    The IRS 'sticks it' to Congress by refusing to send documents by deadline
    The IRS has not responded to the Senate Finance Committee's document request, and the deadline was Friday afternoon. According to a May 30 report byRoll Call,the IRS also rebuffed the House Ways and Means committee in the documents that they...
  • A sample clicker training behavior
    A sample clicker training behavior
    Time to learn by doing. First, in clicker training, you need to think about a couple of things before you get the treats and the dog. How are you going to break down the behavior into small, achievable steps? And what behavior is going to earn a...
  • Martial_Arts_Article_040.jpg
    Target practice isn't just for gun enthusiasts
    Target practice isn’t just for gun enthusiasts; martial artists need to do a little practicing as well. As any person trained in self-defense can tell you, hitting someone who is feeling the effects of drugs or alcohol, or is suffering from...
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