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  • Not all abuse is online
    A recent experience with targeted abuse on Twitter?
    Almost all of us have heard of online cyber bullying and other forms of online abuse. The attached video mentions the website Public Shaming that re-posts some of the most shameful examples. The Examiner recently posted an article on a US map of...
  • Do the American people deserve an apology?
    Do the American people deserve an apology?
    In recent weeks we have heard several scandals concerning the Benghazi incident where our Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered along with three other Americans, “But potential dangers lurk: Americans are widely suspicious of the Obama...
  • Sarah Palin responds to the news of IRS targeting conservative groups
    Sarah Palin responds to the news of IRS targeting conservative groups
    Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and 2008 vice-presidential candidate, released a statement today concerning the news that the IRS targeted conservative leaning groups during the 2012 presidential election.She said, “Today we learned...
  • Thinglink
    Another intrusive Facebook addition is coming your way (like it or not!)
    Thinglink - not another fun creation brought to you by Dr. Seuss, but instead another fun toy used to make Facebook mroe productive to companies and more annoying to you, the average user.What exactly is Thinglink?ThingLink Tabs for Facebook&mdash...
  • Audience
    "Meetup" to connect with targeted Baltimore area prospects
    Finding just the right prospects to connect with can be arduous task. It's usually hit and miss when buying email or snail mail lists. Socialmedia has helped bridge the gap a bit bygiving you the opportunity to search for prospects that have...
  • Pittsburgh Duquesne Incline
    Targeting your job search
    No doubt about it, finding the job you want can be challenging. And the perfect storm of great company and great opportunity is even more elusive. The Pittsburgh Business Times has put out a searchable database of who’s hiring within...
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