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  • How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big
    Success Principles from Creator of Dilbert
    For decades, Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has been skewering that pointy-haired boss who has no clue about how to succeed. Adams' book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, describes how he came by all that knowledge of...
  • look ma no plans
    The revolution will not be centralized
    Last week the journal Science published a story on a team from Harvard University who have design robots to work in tandem to build structures. The report came with a video of the robots in what seemed to be a set plan of design. However this was...
  • System exclusives are a middle finger
    System exclusives are a middle finger
    Just a few console generations ago, PC games and console games were all separate and there were often obvious reasons for that separation. Take the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1, which most people will remember were competitors: the N64 often had...
  • Orion orbiting the moon
    NASA's Orion's systems switched on for the first time
    NASA announced on October 28, 2013 that the first Orion spacecraft was powered up by technicians. It appeared that the deep spacecraft’s systems worked as expected,A little under a year from now, Orion is scheduled to be launched on top of...
  • CRM
    CRM battles: Contactually versus Nimble
    Earlier this week, I was forced to step into the 21st century with a SMART phone. Mentally, I had issues with the fact that phones are now more expensive than computers. I thought I was asking for something simple when I wanted to transfer my 300...
  • John Hardman
    The different faces of synergy
    John Hardman is an expert in management, education, and sustainable systems. From his expertise, he's invented/discovered the supremely powerful and transformative notions of: regenerative practices and regenerative leadership. They contain...
  • Vitruvian Man
    Does the Human Body Function as a System?
    The human body functions as asystem, in which parts do things for other parts and for the organism as a whole. Each organ affects and is affected by others. The brain gets signals from all parts of the body telling what is going on there. The...
  • Business and Government: SAM I AM
    Business and Government: SAM I AM
    In theory, systems are needed to streamline processes adding efficiency to tasks that were previously paper based. In actuality, sometimes systems make the processing paperwork more difficult instead of more efficient. The small business...
  • 3DS
    The Nintendo 3DS, and why 3D is not the future of gaming.
    The Nintendo 3DS recently released in the US on March 27 of 2011 is the first handheld to bring 3D to us, but without having to wear those pesky 3D glasses.To get to the point, I was not impressed with the 3DS. This is a biased article from a...
  • resized_MiiChannel.jpg
    The Wii and Mii
    Children can play with legos for hours on end. Buffets are popular in the food industry, and clearance racks are the gathering place for all kinds of shoppers. Looking at the three, one might wonder what they have in common. The answer is simple....
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