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  • large cabin cruiser
    Boating the Carolina Loop
    BYOB: bring your own boat! If you have a boat, especially one you can sleep on, you have access to some of the most beautiful scenery in North America. But few places offer such variety of boating access in as small an area as the Carolina Loop,...
  • Dyke Marsh restoration plan unveiled by National Park Service
    Dyke Marsh restoration plan unveiled by National Park Service
    A plan to restore the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve was unveiled by the National Park Service (NPS). On Wednesday, Jan. 15, NPS officially announced the proposed Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Dyke Marsh Restoration and Long-Term...
  • Skydiving
    Skydiving instructor dies: James ‘Jimmie’ Horak Jr. dies in swamp
    A skydiving instructor died after a tandem jump, and his student was injured. The New York Daily News reports on Aug. 4 that James “Jimmie” Horak Jr. died in a swamp. The instructor made the jump with several other people who mentioned...
  • James George with marsh mallow plants
    Marsh mallows are in bloom in Virginia
    How is this art? I don't have to tell the artists as they know:1. Photography is art2. Photos may be used as references for paintings3. Painting from these things and places is plein air, painting outsideWhen you hear the word &ldquo...
  • Flood
    New voice debuts with novel set in Mississippi
    "Southern Cross the Dog" (Ecco, $25.99), Bill Cheng's debut novel, wants to join the canon of distinguished Southern writers. Little chance of this happening.Wanting to write about the South and understanding the South are two vastly...
  • Cooperstown in the Everglades Swamp near Miami, Florida
    Cooperstown in the Everglades Swamp near Miami, Florida
    Do you have a trip planned to visit Miami for business or pleasure. Don't forget about the everglades. Cooperstown in near Miami and the departure point for swamp adventure. The airboats are so much fun. Enjoy my slideshow.
  • Heron
    Alligator Adventure in Anahuac
    “I'm sure I saw it that time! Something just moved down there.” I inched my way over to where my kids were leaning over the railing and peered warily at the water. The mossy pea-green surface looked as still as ever to me,...
  • Swamp People premier tonight:  Are you ready for some alligators?
    Swamp People Season Premier tonight: Are you ready for some alligators?
    People across Northeast Tennessee are among the excited audience awaiting tonight's Season Premier of Swamp People! This popular show about alligator hunting in the Bayou enjoys a cult following across the country. Around 9:00 pm tonight, you...
  • Bayou Coquille Trail
    Tour the French Quarter and visit a Louisiana swamp in one day
    Whether you enjoy hiking, nature-watching, alligator-viewing, picnicking or just want to escape a hectic business convention workload for a while, there is a green getaway just a short car ride from the French Quarter.The Barataria Preserve Trails...
  • Weeki Wachee Swamp Festival
    Weeki Wachee Swamp Festival in March!
    What better way to start the celebration of spring? The first weekend of March brings the annual Weeki Wachee Swamp Festival in Hernando County!Saturday and Sunday, March 5 and 6 brings a weekend of fun for the entire family. There will be over...
  • resized_rsz_11dsc_0491__2_.jpg
    Okefenokee Swamp Festival
    The fall season has rolled back around once again and if anyone knows, anything about living in the south, then you should know what that means to us. It means the nights are cooler and the festivals have begun, because you can now walk outside...
  • A Florida softshell turtle glides through the water on Jacksonville's UNF campus.
    Softshell turtles thrive in Jacksonville waters
    What’s shaped like a pancake, dressed in drab army green and feels like a wet shoe? It’s another of Florida’s living oddities and Jacksonville’s peculiar neighborhood pond turtle, the leathery Florida Softshell (Apalone...
  • In the serene setting of a lake on the UNF campus, an anhinga stands stoically drying off.
    Some birds just hang out to dry
    If it had a cape draped over its outstretched wings, then it would look like Bela Lugosi preparing to flyaway on the hunt as filmdom’s Dracula. But the anhinga has just finished its hunt, and must stand like that to gain its flight back....
  • Travelers are warned of potential danger at a roadside rest along I-95 south of Jacksonville.
    Watch who's watching you in Jacksonville
    Most people know Florida has the Gators and The Swamp. But most Floridians are referring to a football team and the venue for their games. What many of the natives don’t particularly acknowledge is the notion that the state itself really is...
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