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  • Goodbye World
    Goodbye World -- a rural, natural take on the apocalypse
    Coincidentally, the world is thrown into chaos just as several people arrive at their friends' home in the Northern California countryside for an 8 year college reunion. There has been a cyber attack on the United States' power grid,...
  • Militia
    7 Things to Have on Hand When the SHTF
    Disasters come in many different forms and levels of intensity, but one common theme they all share is the destruction they leave in their wakes. Whether it’s a hurricane, tsunami, or tornado, the once civilized land will turn into a field...
  • ‘Naked and Afraid’ premiere; fire ants, mosquitoes attack in Amazon
    ‘Naked and Afraid’ premiere; fire ants, mosquitoes attack in Amazon
    The popular show “Naked and Afraid” returns to Discovery on Sunday night with two strangers and an Amazon jungle full of bugs ready to attack. While most viewers wouldn’t leave the house without bug spray, the two contestants...
  • Becoming a Survivalist 101
    Becoming a Survivalist 101
    So you want to survive, but don't know where to start? Here is an entertaining video outlining the very basics.
  • Three common but often overlooked items to add to BOB
    Three common but often overlooked items to add to BOB
    Many common products that we use every day are often overlooked when preparing Bug Out Bags (BOB). Your bag should include the essentials to survive 72 hours after a disaster. There are many items we use on a day to day basis that could be...
  • The Doomsday Castle cast
    Nat Geo's Doomsday Castle creates their own reality full of holes
    The new televisions series Doomsday Castle premiered on Tuesday night. The show from the producers of the hit series Doomsday Preppers is about a retired infantry officer who recruits his children to help him finish building his doomsday castle in...
    Plan now to attend Mid Atlantic Emergency Preparedness & Survival Expo
    Do you know what to do an emergency? Would you be able to survive without electricity, water, or food? Be prepared. Plan now to attend the first annual Mid-Atlantic Emergency Preparedness & Survival Expo later this month in Boonsboro, MD...
  • NASA image Antarctica from 1982 to 2004
    Are Americans less likely to care about global warming?
    A Gallup Poll on global warming claims that concerns are heading up after several years of expanded public skepticism. The latest report released on Monday states that 58% of Americans say they worry a great deal or fair amount about global...
  • Gun Violence Task Force Established
    Obama establishes a task force to address gun violence
    Barack Obama announced today a task force established to find solutions to the overwhelming gun violence that'sprevalent today. The task force will be headed up by vice-president Joe Biden and will also include the Attorney General, the...
  • Snoop Lion and Survivalist
    Sly and Robbie help emerging artiste to show ‘Survivalist’ skills with new song
    Following the recent announcement of a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album, prominent Jamaican producers, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are mixing their creative juices once more to help prop up a promising new Reggae act.Sly and Robbie...
  • No Cell Phones
    Pakistan shuts down mobile phone services over terrorist fears
    The government of Pakistan shut down mobile phone services in 49 cities of Pakistan early Saturday morning in the wake of terror threats.On Friday mobile phone services were temporarily blocked in parts of the capital Islamabad, the southern port...
  • FEMA’s Flat Stanley and Flat Stella learning how to get better prepared for earthquakes
    Great ShakeOut earthquake drills promote preparedness
    Great ShakeOut earthquake drills were held Thursday across the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, British Columbia and Southern Italy to help improve preparedness and practice how to be safe during earthquakes. ShakeOut has also been organized to...
  • Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic
    The government’s zombie apocalypse is spreading
    This week FEMA's Individual and Community Preparedness Division and presented a free webinar about zombie preparedness.We have often said that unfortunately concepts like emergency preparedness need to turn into feature stories on...
  • ‘Survivors’ is a chilling and informative novel
    ‘Survivors’ is a chilling and informative novel
    In this 382 page novel, published in 2011, James Wesley Rawles, a former Army Intelligence Officer and legendary survivalist, has written about what the world in general and the U.S. in particular might be like after a series of catastrophic...
  • Warning Canada
    Canadians need to prepare; a Prepper perspective
    “Oh Canada our home and native land,,,” but for how much longer?If we are to take stock in the secret talks and deals being arranged between Canada and the U.S. then Preppers would say that if you are not already preparing you had...
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