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  • Enlightenment house
    Enlightened thinking, the key to victory for evolutionary doctrine, man is good
    Senator Hyung takes a sip of her wine. Looking across the table at Senator Hack, she asks, “how did you know that ending the tyranny of moral law would be so easy?”“I couldn't be sure, of course; but I have been watching the...
  • American Idol Phillip Phillip sparked up the audition room (video)
    American Idol Phillip Phillip sparked up the audition room (video)
    Phillip Phillip closed the season premiere with his own version of ‘Superstitious’ which aired on Fox channel 21 in Colorado Springs Wednesday night. Sometimes you can close your eyes and hear a beautiful singer enchant you; sometimes...
  • Happy Friday The 13th!
    Friday The 13th: Holiday Hits
    Friday the 13th may not be a real holiday but it remains famous nonetheless. Unfortunately, it is well-known mainly because it has a longstanding reputation for being a day of bad luck. People who suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia or the fear of...
  • Friday the 13th
    Superstitious? Plan now for Friday the 13th
    Atlanta, a word of warning.For those of you who believe in lucky numbers, omens, auspicious colors and star-crossed dates: Its time to ignore ladders, black cats, broken mirrors, opening an umbrella inside or stepping on cracks, there are more...
  • AceGI.jpg
    Got an ace in your bag?
    Very superstitious...writing's on the wall! S. WonderPhoto credit: Google ImagesThere's a ritual in this game of golf that seems to have a few discrepancies surrounding it, and it has to do with that illusive shot, the hole-in-one! And what I...