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  • Top self-tanner tips part two: Application and maintenance
    Top self-tanner tips part two: Application and maintenance
    Yesterday we addressed how to select the perfect self-tanning product for you and your skin- the one you'll love applying and that won't make you orange. Today, we delve deeper into the tricks of how to apply and maintain a tan with your...
  • Dark Complecxion
    Myth: Dark complexions offer adequate SPF
    While darker skin tones offer a natural SPF ranging from 5-13, this isn’t enough to keep your skin protected. The sun may not have your skin “seeing red,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not making its mark. Those with...
  • Suntanning and Laser Hair Removal
    Consumer Guide: Can I get Laser Hair Removal if I am tan?
    Here in Dallas Texas the sun is HOT and all of us love to look good! Up in the Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen area it is especially hot and the sun can turn your skin darker than you may think. The answer is .. it depends! If you need an answer...
  • Cayo Costa Island
    The beach: should I stay or should I go?
    As a resident of the Sunshine State, I have from time to time experienced the irony of living close to the water and yet spending little time at the beach. This was especially true when the planned inland community of Lehigh Acres was my home....
  • Tan Towels
    Tan Towels are easy to use for an even sunless tan.
    Are you looking to extend that summer glow? Tan Towels are an excellent product to use. The disposable towlettes make the application easier than ever and there is no streaking or orange coloring. You'll end up with an even and natural tan and...
  • Tan in Miami Beach
    Bronze and beautiful in Miami Beach
    As the heat index in Miami Beach starts to rise, more people search for a tanning solution to their winter skin. Becoming bronze is essential, but must be done with respect to the sun,a healthy tan can be achieved but preventative measures must be...
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