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  • ISIS plan to attack U.S. and Paris subways imminent?
    ISIS plan to attack U.S. and Paris subways imminent?
    According to Iraq’s prime minister and reported by the Associated Press and Fox News on Thursday, an attack by the radical Muslim ISIS’ foreign fighters on the United States and Paris’ subway systems is imminent, although...
  • A man is pushed onto subway platform in New York
    Man pushed onto platform by homeless man in Harlem subway
    A man pushed onto a platform by a homeless person at a train stop in New York on Friday is on life support. The suspect who shoved the elderly man on the subway tracks in Harlem is thought to have been intoxicated at the time, according to a Long...
  • New York City Subways
    Free subway fare in New York City on Friday
    The limited subway service in New York City is offering free fare on Friday, Nov. 2. Although not all of the subway trains will be running, all of the operational trains will offer free rides to those needing to travel on Friday.The MTA also...
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
    Rob Ford: 'Subways are coming to the city one way or another'
    Speaking to reporters on Monday in the city's east-end, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford confirmed that he will not be tearing down the Gardiner Expressway and that the city will be getting subways no matter what. The mayor helped launch the Workforce...
  • Labor Day in New York City
    Labor Day in New York City
    At this time of year, one often finds NYC to be un-crowded, as many locals have left the city for their own summer vacation elsewhere. For planning purposes, tours should be booked well in advance. If a photo tour is scheduled, the guide will take...
  • Opossum
    Opposum takes ride—on New York City subway
    It wasn’t a criminal in hot pursuit by transit police that caused a commotion on a Manhattan-bound D train early on Friday, November 13th. And it wasn’t an altercation between passengers. It was the presence of what appeared to the...
  • In Transit - Cast
    "In Transit" - The City Never Sleeps!
    There are 8 million stories in the CityIf you ride the subways, look around and let your mind wander, you can visualize many scenarios, the stories and lives that make up the 8 million who rush from destination to destination underground - - but...
  • Video: Swan spotted at Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue Station in Brooklyn, NY
    Video: Swan spotted at Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue Station in Brooklyn, NY
    On September 6th, my roommate walked from her job at a large retailer to the Stillwell Avenue station in Coney Island to wait for the bus to our apartment in Gravesend. It was between five and six o'clock in the evening. She had every reason...
  • resized_url.jpg
    New York City rats are animals too
    Photo by Sergey Rod. New York City is looking for a more scientific approach to fighting subway rats. Apparently, there are a lot of them. Apparently, they like to live in the walls around areas where garbage is stored, because garbage stores...
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