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‘The Creativas’: An app for budding designers
“The Creativas” is a new fashion app intended for aspiring designers and creative kids alike. Featured in the App Store as one of the "Best New Apps & Games" in the Kids Category in both the...
Seventies Retro Glam
The seventies throwback have made a comeback in major way in fashions and trends this fall season. The resurgence of the retro-glam silhouettes, styles, and cuts is a definite flashback in time. And, I must confess that...
Fashion scoop: News and happenings
New Orleans Fashion Week isn’t until the spring, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until March to indulge your fashion craving! If you’re looking to fill your calendar with the most fashionable...
Top seven outerwear inspirations for fall
Fall is in full swing, the leaves have changed and the temperatures have dropped, which means it's time to get a cozy jacket. The shops are stocked with many options for any occasion. These outerwear styles will keep...
Le Tote changes the face of maternity wear
The Fall Sweater Fashion Guide
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh 125th Anniversary Gala
4 Inspiring Titles Redefining Beauty, Style and Leadership
Beauty is a vast and ever-evolving industry that produces innovative products and treatments to superficially enhance an individual. However, the spirit and heart of beauty is not something one can find on a drugstore shelf or cosmetic counter. The...


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