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  • Dunkin' Donuts Breakfast
    Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours
    Dunkin Donuts Breakfast hours seem to be a mystery. It’s a restaurant that’s themed by breakfast food but also serves lunch food. Do they ever stop serving breakfast? When does Dunkin Donuts stop serving breakfast food? The answer is...
  • Pause. Your mouth is your ruin
    Pause. Your mouth is your ruin
    There is life and death in the tongue. Somewhere in time, somewhere in mind; before thought is formed, before words are shaped and before sentences are configured, there is a place of rest. Rest is where we’ll find pause; a suspension of...
  • Subway Breakfast
    When Does Subway Stop Serving Breakfast?
    When does breakfast end at Subway? People have been crying in front of drive thru’s two minutes past breakfast time for decades. But you no longer have to suffer. Subway serves breakfast all day!Most fast food places have to serves breakfast...
  • 5 ways to stop being a control freak in business
    5 ways to stop being a control freak in business
    When you are an entrepreneur, business of one, it’s easy to feel as if everything is your responsibility. If you’re like any other true entrepreneur then you may think of your business as your baby, thus making you more protective than...
  • ‘Stop Killer Robots’ group is real: Could ‘Terminator’ wars be on the horizon?
    ‘Stop Killer Robots’ group is real: Could ‘Terminator’ wars be on the horizon?
    An organization called the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots launched outside London’s Parliament on Tuesday, April 23 with the very real mission to prevent autonomous weapons from becoming the wave of the future. The “Killer Robots&rdquo...
  • Sand Shot
    Sports Photography for Beginners- Part II
    Lets talk briefly about what defines a good sports photograph or for that matter any photograph! You do!!! Unless you’re attempting to sell your photos to major publications you are the sole judge of your photographs!!! How cool is that!...
  • OxyContin painkiller
    Traffic stop leads to $125,000 worth of Oxycontin
    A routine traffic stop leads two state troopers to find a bag with thousands of OxyContin pills worth more than $125,000 in Kingston.29-year-old Vincent Alberico of Centerville will be arraigned at Plymouth District Court on Wednesday facing...
  • Rules of the road
    Southern rules of the road for the city of Atlanta
    Drivers are drivers, but drivers live by the "rules of the road". We're supposed to stay out of the left lane unless we're flying or passing. We're supposed get over if there's a long line of cars coming onto freeway. We&...
  • resized_800px_Dog_with_rawhide_chew_toy.jpg
    5 ways to stop your dog from chewing up everything
    Chew toys will help your dog break his habit. Shane Adams @ Wikipedia Commons Want to stop your dog from chewing up everything in the house? Good. Try these six things and your dog will relax and end his rampage on your valuables. Just: 1- Upgrade...
  • hukuzatuna's.jpg
    E coli testing delayed for six variant strains
    Safe Tables Our Priority (STOP)is calling on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to enact health-based strategies to prevent all types of E. colicontaminated beef from reaching consumers' tables.Activists say,these sixshiga-toxin...
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