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  • It is fact that some white people are terrorists and some are racists
    It is fact that some white people are terrorists and some are racists
    If the headline of this post specified any demographic other thanwhite people, I would be guilty, according to conventional present-day liberal standards, ofracial targeting, if not something more heinous. Since, however, white people are fair...
  • Girl engineer
    Don't buy her that 'boy' toy!
    Childhood stereotyping can do harm once the child reaches adulthood. Individuals may be influenced by the assumed stereotypical colors and toys given to them in childhood (e.g., pink, blue, dolls and trucks). This subtle influence may not always...
  • Would Goldilocks Agree with Modern Stereotypes?
    Leadership Lessons, Stereotypes and the Goldilocks Dilemma
    Remember that GUTSY GAL who took a walk in the woods and went into the Bears' vacation home? The food was "too hot" or "too cold" until she found the bowl of porridge that was just right. She was the bed tester for "...
  • Girl Power!
    Leadership Lessons and Stereotypes
    In the last 80 years, the term “stereotype” has become an important part of our language. It is a complex word and has led to street fights, rallies, discussions, and often disappointment.Time to once again peel back the meaning and...
  • Black Sheep
    Resist Labeling and Defining People by Their Mental Health Diagnosis
    How many times have we heard, "Joe is a Schizophrenic?" Or "Lucy is Bipolar." I don't think Joe or Lucy, or their family members appreciate being branded and identified by their diagnosis. This has been an accepted practice...
  • The trouble with being an African American Man in America
    The trouble with being an African American Man in America
    I am not a native Washingtonian; in fact, I have only lived in the area for four years. In that time one of the first things I've noticed was the fact that I was being stereotyped when out in public, especially while riding the metro rail....
  • Trayvon Martin
    Trayvon Martin: When a suspicious mind kills innocence
    According to emerging details, it appears a suspicious mind of an individual possibly murdered an innocent, unarmed black teenager. Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida on Feb. 26 by a self proclaimed neighborhood&lsquo...
  • Whole Foods
    Don't Fire Employees for Being Muslim
    About a month before the nationwide controversy involving Lowe's and's racist advertising pullback from a Muslim television show, another Islamophobic scandal was brewing in the news.CNN reported that none other than Whole Foods...
  • Is your workplace suffering from psychological noise?
    Is your workplace suffering from psychological noise?
    In the field of human communication, there are basically three kinds of noise that can interfere with shared meaning and a message being effectively decoded by the receiver in a communication setting. Those types of noise are physical, semantic...
  • It's ok to throw these things away and hear the stories of others.
    Commentary: The attack on White people
    ***Disclaimer: What you are about to read is based off comments and accusations that I am a racist. Those of you who are familiar with me know that I fight for anyone who has faced an injustice. To Fried Chicken Man, Grape Kool-Aid Man, and other...
  • Sad, but true. Even little kids are taught to stereotype in order to learn who may be a "bad" person
    Is stereotyping a natural root of the American culture?
    Stereotyping. We all do it. It’s everywhere we turn. Can we as individuals avoid it, or is it a natural instinct to place labels on other people or groups? Picture this: A young woman gets on the overcrowded Metrorail during rush hour. The...
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