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  • iHeart Radio performance
    The Best Places To Meet Your Band
    We've all been there once or twice: At the wrong end of a long series of Craigslist posts that have failed almost every time to do much more than receive a few emails with largely no return. But there's hope yet, dear reader!This article...
  • San Diego yoga and spirituality: where to start yoga
    San Diego yoga and spirituality: where to start yoga
    Where can we go to start yoga and feel safe? For some people, this is a daunting question, and it can take a lot of courage if we are plus size, disabled or health challenged. We might think that yoga practice is only for the fit that want to get...
  • WetFire in all its glory
    The Sparkie, less then an ounce of prevention
    Howdy campers. Well, winter is here...sort of. Needless to say that have serious doubts about needing to reiterate last years precautions about a sudden melt-off of the snowpack ruining your trip. None the same, we can still get out and enjoy some...
  • Tapping a pencil
    Writing a strong hook for your book
    You’ve got your empty notepad in front of you, a steaming coffee, perhaps a few reference books, and all the time in the world. You pick up your pen and then…nothing. You know what you want to write, but nothing’s happening....
  • The problem with stopping and starting
    The problem with stopping and starting
    The concept that many players struggle with, stopping and starting. Itis a skill. And it's also a habit. So while every skater can perform the skill of stopping and then starting again on the ice, not every skater chooses to stop and start...
  • Nothing Personal
    Owning a racehorse
    Nowadays there are many ways to own a racehorse. Partnerships, shares, breeding a mare and raising the resulting foal, purchasing young stock either privately or through any number of reputable sales barns or through claiming.There is only one...
  • Starting a Yoga Practice
    Stepping onto the mat...where to begin?
    Did you survive the Jazzercise trend? Have you Zumba'd your way through your last gym membership? Yoga seems to be a current craze in our nation, and has as many styles, types, and locations as a certain ubiquitous coffee chain. But what is...
  • There are many options when it comes to starting your own home business!
    Tips and ideas for starting your own home business
    There are many benefits to having your own home business. Being your own boss, working in the comfort of your own home, and doing something you enjoy. Starting a home business may take some time, but doesn't need to be stressful as long as you...
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