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  • Grant Hill will own at least 1% of the Atlanta Hawks per NBA rule
    Grant Hill will own at least 1% of the Atlanta Hawks per NBA rule
    Former Duke and NBA star Grant Hill is part of the new ownership group which purchased the Atlanta Hawks for $850 million. When I saw Grant Hill listed among the new owners I wondered how much of the team he would actually own.Back when Mikhail...
  • The burial of a vampire seems to have been found
    Vampire burial: Proof of vampire fears found, stake pierced into skeleton's leg
    A vampire burial has been recently unearthed in Poland, a rare find which appears to be living proof that fears of these mythical creatures have indeed been around for centuries. The recent archaeological dig revealed a number of “unsettling...
  • Pepper plants benefit from staking
    There is so much at stake in the veggie garden
    Early June in Zone 6 gardens, how are your tomatoes faring? Slumping a little bit under their weight and under the pressure of the recent torrential downpours might well be the answer. It might be time to think about driving in the tomato stakes...
  • Goldman Sachs moves into social networking
    Goldman Sachs moves into social networking
    In 2008 during the credit crisis, Goldman Sachs was on the cusp of default and insolvency. The TARP and bank bailouts, coupled with the allowing Goldman to have a bank charter not only brought it back from the brink, but allowed it to become a...
  • Hery relaxing in his yard on his line
    What do to when you don't have a fence for your dog
    Recently my husband and I bought a house. With our new house came a new addition, our Weimaraner Henry.While we are a young couple starting out in life weunfortunatelydo not have a fence. After looking over our monthly spending we could not find...
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