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  • Good ole lemon juice
    Taking care of your household – and all that is in it - #2
    Are you, by nature, a messy person or do messes just seem to occur no matter where you go or how careful you try to be? This will be the second in a series of articles geared towards assisting you in cleaning up the messes in your life,…at...
  • Keeping carpet clean
    Keeping carpet clean
    Keeping your carpet clean can be challenge, especially in houses or businesses with high foot traffic and/or pets. Keeping a clean carpet, however, can improve the appearance of the carpet, the health of the people who use it, and increase the...
  • Cease the grease with ease
    Cease the grease with ease
    Grease from working, appliances or machinery make horrible stains. They are easy to obtain when concentrating on preparing or fixing something. How many items of clothing are thrown away or torn into rags because of grease stains. Probably a few...
  • Be a dud or get out the mud
    Be a dud or get out the mud
    Rainy days can be enjoyable when you’re warm and dry indoors. Days to relax, read a book, play a board game or view a favorite TV show or movie. Walking hand in hand during a light rain can be romantic.When the skies open up and soak the...
  • Stained Nails from nail polish
    Are your nails yellow and stained from your nail polish? Here's what to do.
    When you take off your polish after wearing it for awhile, you may notice that your nails are a lot or somewhat darker than usual and maybe slightly tinged yellow looking.Under normal conditions, this is normally caused by not applying a base coat...
  • Wellness Mondays
    Natural reduction of high cholesterol
    Here’s my view on lowering cholesterol since I lived it and reached my wellness goals with diet for 40 days (no herbs, no medications). Most people with high cholesterol are aware that they can lower their cholesterol with diet, but they are...
  • Janus, CD release ,  Nox Aeris
    Janus, CD release , Nox Aeris , New beginnings in the night air
    Janus, aChicago basedband, isdefinitelyset for newbeginnings. Nox Aeris, wasoverwhelminglyreceivedby the media and fans alike on the debut release date of March 27th, 2012.Downloads on itunes alone, were at a record high for Janus' dark...
  • Laundry tips
    Household tips: Remove shirt stains and prevent floor scratches
    Life in our north Texas area is so busy; life is hectic all over and there’s no way around it. Living in the big city of Dallas, living in one of the surrounding suburbs or even way out in the country, we all love tips to makeour life just a...
  • DVD Damage
    Recognizing DVD damage
    When DVD first appeared, the debate over the disparity in video and audio quality (the very same that haunted early adaptors of HD-DVD and blu-ray) was eventually rendered moot by all the other benefits, from menus and special features to the...
  • Alka-Seltzer relieves more than just heartburn
    Alka-Seltzer relieves more than just heartburn
    Alka-Seltzerhas been around since 1931 and is a product of the Bayer Corporation. It has been used for many years as an antacid to aid the affects of acid indigestion. It also is a great little pain relief medicine that can make upset stomachs,...
  • Never worry about ink stains again
    Never worry about ink stains again
    Ink from pens, while funny in slapstick comedy, have ruined clothes for years. The blue or black ink stains the material. What a mess! No matter how many times the garment is washed the ink stain seems to remain untouched.How did the ink stain...
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