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  • Nanny refuses to leave home and hides in car
    Nanny refuses to leave home and hides in car
    A nanny in the San Bernardino County town of Upland, in southern California, refused to leave the home from which she was fired and hid under the windshield cover in her car until 3 a.m. when she finally left the property. The nanny, Diane...
  • Burning ship
    Squatting dangerous due to rise in real estate prices
    By 1853 squatting in San Francisco had become much more dangerous and far more frequent than ever before due to an extraordinary rise in real estate prices. While it never became as threatening as in Sacramento, where violent riots had occurred...
  • San Francisco 1851 fire
    Courts favor old Mexican system
    Squatting began early in San Francisco and continued vigorously until land titles became substantially settled by the courts decisions in favor of the old Mexican pueblo system and the subsequent acts of congress of 1864 and 1866 which granted to...
  • Early San Francisco 1847
    Possession is nine tenths of the law
    In San Francisco squatting became a trade and in some cases a very lucrative one. An early belief held that most Mexican grants covering parts of the city were forgeries or fraudulent. This proved correct. Some claimed, and the courts later agreed...
  • Squatting, Nine-Tenths of the Law, and Hannah Dobbz
    Squatting, Nine-Tenths of the Law, and Hannah Dobbz
    “Nine-Tenths of the Law” by Hannah Dobbz provides a comprehensible history of property resistance in the US while weaving through her own experiences with squatting. Dobbz offers little-known property resistance history such as how New...
  • Admission Coordinator - Healthcare
    Admission Coordinator, Rosewood Care Center of Rockford, IL
    Rosewood Care Center of Rockford has an immediate opening for an Admission Coordinator.You need previous experience within the access area of the revenue cycle in a healthcare environment. You will be registering the patient, getting the insurance...
  • Barbell squat
    Squats and why you shouldn’t be afraid of them
    The squat is probably the most scrutinized exercise in the fitness world. Depending on who you talk to squatting is the worst thing you can do for your knees and back or it’s the best thing since sliced bread. So the question remains &ldquo...
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