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U.S. lawyers caught in NSA surveillance web: Snowden

February 16, 2014
In addition to foreign heads of state, social media users and tens of millions of Americans, the surveillance web cast by the National Security Agency and its overseas partners now includes another group – U.S. lawyers.That’s...

Obama grants Constitutional rights to foreigners

January 19, 2014
Reassuring foreigners that his administration isn't spying on "ordinary people" overseas, Barack Obama is planning on initiating changes to America's intelligence gathering agencies that certainly are wide and varied. Specifically, one of Obama'...

Trust in government: Rules for spying on citizens

January 17, 2014
NSA has new rules for spying and collecting metadata, etc. Leaker, Edward Snowden, forced the Obama administration into the open about its practices of spying on citizens here and around the world. News commentators reminded everyone that it was Obama...

France overtakes NSA in spying on own citizens

January 7, 2014
The NSA has received more attention than it ever could have hoped for as a "secret" spy agency. The release of documents by Edward Snowden has revealed the full extent to which the NSA goes to spy internationally...

Edward Snowden says his mission has been accomplished

December 24, 2013
The man who made some serious headlines this year after he leaked top-secret documents from the National Security Agency, said on December 23, 2013, thathis mission's accomplished.After June of this year, Edward Joseph Snowden...

40 M credit and debit info stolen from Target

December 19, 2013
I no longer shop at Target, and haven't for one year. The reason for this occurred one afternoon when, along with my grocery shopping, I wanted to purchase a bottle of wine. The young lady, innocent but well...

The Scope of Mobile Surveillance

December 10, 2013
Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days. The technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. There are many people that have forgone the use of “land-line” phones all together. According to the World...