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  • Lulu Lemon active wear pants
    How to turn your workout gear into a sporty chic outfit
    As the temperatures get warmer and the people of Chicago emerge from their cave that is their apartment, the lakefront trail is buzzing with more and more people as the days go on. Accompanying those eager runners is their workout outfits that...
  • 2015 Subaru WRX
    Budget Sports Cars of 2014
    Are you buying a new car this year and have an urge to upgrade to something with a little more kick? Buying a car with sporty features is more affordable now than it’s ever been. That’s because cars are offering drivers more than they...
  • Jorg Gray
    Define your time with Jorg Gray
    Jorg Gray is known as one of the best at creating watches that are fashionable and timeless. These high quality timepieces have become much sought after items worldwide because of their bold designs and great attention to details. With respect for...
  • Sneak Attack
    Hey sport: Sneak around in some fashionable sneakers
    Though I've always been more into fashion than sports, who says you can't combine the two? With designers like Alexander Wang paving the way back in 2010 for the sporty chic look to become acceptable in public,nowadays it's no wonder...
  • Hyundai announces specs of 2012 Elantra Touring model
    Hyundai announces specs of 2012 Elantra Touring model
    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA—On December 9, Hyundai Motor America released its specs on the 2012 Elantra Touring Model. The sporty hatchback is worth a gander for any budget-minded Angeleno interested in excellent mileage, hi-tech features, and cargo...
  • Pumpkin time magic in Arlington
    Pumpkin time magic in Arlington
    Have that once-upon-a-time tale turn into a coach...New COACH fragrances to dazzle the season. COACH PoppyA spicy sweet spritzer so right for the season.Jasmine and mandarin glossed by tingly cucumber, iced by...marshmallow.1oz spray 45.only at...
  • 2011 Chevrolet Cruze
    Road test: 2011 Chevy Cruze is a compact car with mid-size roominess
    With the spectre of financial collapse now a fading figure in the rear-view mirror, General Motors has started to drive some impressive new vehicles off the assembly lines and they are accelerating impressive profits. Now, the really hard work...
  • 2011 Jaguar XJ L
    Life After Ford: Why Jaguar Cars Are Here To Stay
    Looking back, the evidence shows I’ve been a Jaguar fan my whole life. As a young lad, my family’s vacation home was a place where we spent a whole lot of time. My great grandfather built a house on the shores of Lake Michigan in the...
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