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Biathlon at the 2014 Winter Olympics

February 5, 2014
Biathlon is a winter sport that incorporates cross country skiing and precision rifle marksmanship. It first appeared as a single event in the 1960 Winter Games in Squaw Valley. The sport has proved popular and now has 11 events, including...

Esquire Network's "White Collar Brawlers"

December 17, 2013
Most jobs don’t allow you to have a punching match with co-workers you don’t get along with in the office. In Esquire Network’s new series, WHITE COLLAR BRAWLERS, six pairs of dueling colleagues...

NSSF First Shots is a big success in Atlanta

November 2, 2013
The National Shooting Sports Foundation “Big City Tour” of its First Shots® program is going on Nov. 1-3 in the Atlanta Metro area. First Shots is a program to give prospective shooters an opportunity to...

NSSF First Shots Big City Tour comes to Atlanta

October 10, 2013
The National Shooting Sports Foundation will bring the “Big City Tour” of its First Shots® program to 11 Atlanta area shooting ranges on Nov. 1-3. First Shots is designed to introduce prospective shooters to the sport...

Cherokee IDPA dodges weather bullet

October 9, 2013
The Cherokee Gun Club monthly International Defensive Pistol Association match dodged the weather bullet on Sunday. Because Tropical Storm Karen stalled in the Gulf for a while, the anticipated rain came later in the day and did not affect the...

‘Rush’ is more than a film about racing

September 26, 2013
If you think that a movie set within the confines of Formula 1 racing is boring, think again. ‘Rush’ an independent film by director Ron Howard roars onto the big screen. It is the...

An astounding paddle to the finish line

September 17, 2013
Winning is a state of mind that drives inner ambition and a strong will to succeed. Challenge and determination form our champions of tomorrow. Those with a love of the water are honored to take part in the world'...

Moneyball by Michael Lewis: Ten Years Later

July 31, 2013
When a friend of mine watched the movie, he wanted to change the name of his long established company to Moneyball Management. Not a bad idea, but he would have a hard time owning any space on the Google 1st...

First look: 2014 Lexus IS sedan

June 5, 2013
For automakers in the sport sedan market, competition is fierce. You've got to be good-looking, powerful, fast and you better not consume too much fuel.Lexus is rolling out the new version of its IS sedan, which...

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe: Solid, but not spectacular

May 31, 2013
Hyundai has made some changes to the 2013 version of its Santa Fe crossover SUV, giving buyers the option of a three-row utility vehicle or a two-row sport crossover.The result is a pair of distinct packages in...

Show jackets in the summer

May 28, 2013
Many avid summer horse show participants crave hearing, 'jackets are excused' on a particularly hot day. But, this does not mean that jackets should be left in the truck while the rider is in the ring. It actually...