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  • 2013 Ford Flex
    2013 Ford Flex is different by design
    Every so often a car rolls down the pike that helps people just say no to minivans. The Ford Flex is one of those rare examples that aren’t burrowing out a new genre of soccer mom-mobiles in the crossover segment. With the utilitarian chops...
  • 2013 Unimog
    2013 Unimog makes being green look easy
    If there’s ever been a definite sign times are changing rapidly in the auto industry it came this month with the reveal of the 2013 Unimog. The river fording, brick wall obliterating, apocalyptic survival ride of choice is now boasting that...
  • Ford Evos Concept
    2015 Mustang won’t be retro, will be powered by a four-cylinder
    Ford is banking hard on their turbocharged EcoBoost engines to increase fuel-efficiency without sacrificing horsepower.Road and Trackconfirmed via an anonymous source this month the 2015 Mustang will feature a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder, not...
  • 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350
    2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 is classy and capable
    The Mercedes-Benz ML is very popular here in Vermont. For many, it reflects their personal status and projects an image of success and wealth. For others, the M-class offers the kind of all-weather capability and ruggedness needed not only to...
  • Skid Plate Racing ... Irwindale's Toyota Speedway's Latest Motor Culture Craze
    Skid Plate Racing ... Irwindale's Toyota Speedway's latest motor culture craze
    Skid Plate Racing ... Irwindale's Toyota Speedway's latest motor culture crazeWhen one first hears the words, Skid Plate Racing, one immediately asks "WHAT?" At least that is what this reporter was left with.There are many forms...
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