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  • Statue at Navy Pier
    SPD and The Malleable Christian
    In a previously published article (Recognizing God) I discussed my challenge with faith in the organized church and its followers. This challenge is not with regards to the teachings per se, but rather the failed life-application of such teachings...
  • Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction
    Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction
    As a health care professional I have witnessed a lot of women suffering from Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction over the years. I have always been told that this disorder was a discomfort to the patient, and that we should talk them through it the best...
  • Sensory processing disorder: tactile dysfunction
    Sensory processing disorder: tactile dysfunction
    In the KC metro area, we have had record snowfall with more to come. Most kids find this is exciting as they are missing school and have plenty of snow to build forts, snowmen, and have snowball fights. For kids with tactile dysfunction, the...
  • Occupational Therapy at Chidrens Mercy Hospital and Clinics
    What is sensory processing disorder? (Video)
    Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects approximately one in twenty children. There are several different subtypes. This article will give an overview of SPD with subtypes of the disorder to be discussed in upcoming articles. SPD often goes...
  • b-Calm Pro and GPUnits
    ADHD- Helping to remain calm with the "b-Calm Audio Sedation GP and Pro Units"
    The b-Calm Unit is designed for children suffering from challenges and learningdisabilities -such as Autism, ADHD, ADD, Down syndrome, etc. Sensory stimuli such as noise, lighting, smells and other environmental factors (whichare major causes for...
  • Out of Sync Child
    Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) - Suggestions
    There are many different ideas that help for SPD, below aresomesuggestions:Oral - If your child's SPD is more in the oral form, chewing gum can help assist that stimulation as well as it is great on focusing as well (ADHD), a great "life...
  • Disorders, and letting people know
    When do you let others know about your child/children's disorders?
    It is a struggle to know "when" the right time a perfect world, right away would be great. Sometimes people hold out due to the worries/concerns that their child may be "labeled". In a perfect world, that wouldn't...
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