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  • Some highlights from the tasting
    Highlights from Champagne mega tasting
    One of the largest tastings you can attend in the Seattle area, the Champagne mega tasting at Grand Cru wine shop does not disappoint. They opened almost every style of bubbly you can find, from price points from as low as $14.99 to $149.99. Here...
  • Malibu Famliy Wines
    Malibu Famliy Wines
    Ah, Los Olivos, the epicenter of wine tasting in Santa Barbara County. A place where more tasting rooms are opening up all the time. Some businesses have even opted to open satellite tasting rooms here because they recognize the appeal and charm...
  • Jaillance Clairette de Die
    Clairette de Die: where muscat and bubbles meet
    That most ancient and persistent of grapes, muscat, has made yet another popular comeback. It’s all the rage these days. Sales on muscat wines are up 70% this year, so it has captured America’s imagination and has that all-important ...
  • Liner & Elsen, Pinot Noir tasting
    Pinots, Barolos, Zins, Sparkling, lots to taste this Friday, December 16th
    Amazing tastings this Friday, December 16th! Multiple Pinot tastings, Sparkling, Zin, Barolo, and more!!! Find that nice wine you need for that annual party, or dinner! It means more when you have a story to accompany the wine... wine tasting is...
  • Sparking Ginger Lemonade
    Sparking Ginger Lemonade
    While the rest of the country is harvesting inches of snow, here in the OC we have a harvest of a different sort – lemons. It seems everywhere you look, you see lemons decorating the boughs of trees like bright and shiny Christmas ornaments....
  • Some of my Parisian obsessions
    Some of my Parisian obsessions
    My Favorite obsessions when I am in Paris are L'eau de Badoit, a natural sparkling mineral water. Once I read " In the world of eau Gazeuse, Badoit is club soda what a chateau Petrus is to Boone's farm"; No comparison whatsoever....