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  • Guy Needler
    Guy Needler: 2015 Transformation Conference Speaker Series #2
    “When we consider the Origin as being the creator of our God (Source Entity), which includes the other Source Entities, we have to think of the Origin as being the 'Absolute,' the true 'All That Is,' which wasn’t...
  • Rebellion
    The origin of rebellion
    The news seems to be full of stories of some sort of rebellion or another that leaves people perplexed when they hear about them. Take for instance a story on the Houston Television station KPRC Channel 2 about a couple of teen boys who snatched...
  • Sagittarius
    New Moon targets faith in the darkness.
    Today a New Moon voids the horizon, pushing us to reflect on our internal quest for truth and faith in unseen forces. This New Moon is hiding in the shadows and asking for us to bring light to its meaning. This New Moon is energized by Sagittarius...
  • Plagiarism creditable or just plain blogging do you know the difference
    Plagiarism creditable or just plain blogging do you know the difference
    Anyone who has read my articles may already know, I see myself as a passionate arts blogger. Never having a background or education in journalism I learn every day. So I share this story to educate all readers. What is plagiarism, creditable news,...
  • Father be Accessible for Well-being of Children  ~ sa nah piteva sunave agne ~
    Father be Accessible for Well-being of Children ~ sa nah piteva sunave agne ~
    Recitation of Benediction - *Swastivachanam* 2~ sa nah piteva sunave agne supayano bhava, sacasva nah svastaye ~You are accessible to us just as a father is to his son. May we have suitable objects through you. May we use them for our welfare.-...
  • Counter-strike Wallpaper
    Counter-strike: Source - Beginner’s tips
    Here are several helpful tips and tricks that will help you lead the pack in Counter-strike: Source. There are many, many more tricks but these are the more basic ones for someone just starting out.Here we go....Run with knife or pistol out at...
  • Steam Logo
    Steam updates March 10th-11th
    Steam has recently dished out updates for one of it's biggest games ever, Team Fortress 2, as well as multiple source engine updates. The updates include the following.Team fortress 2: · Fixed players not being able to fire their...
  • vitamin d supplement
    Which vitamin D supplement is best?
    All supplements are not created equal, and this is especially the case with vitamin D.Natural sourcesThe sun is by far the best source of the “sunshine vitamin“, with dietary sources ranking miles behind. Foods that are naturally rich...
  • Heart in the Sand
    Artists moving to Los Angeles create 'transplants' of the heart
    Many of us living in Los Angeles, are not originally from here. Since the days of the gold rush, the city’s powerful pull of possibility has attracted dreamers from all parts of the globe in search of fame, fortune, or just a better life....
  • In God We Trust
    Source of courage in facing these difficult times
    In watching the events of the world and our country around us we, not only recognize the difficult times we are in, but see the down turns of what our future may hold. When things are out of control as they are, when the downturn of our...
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