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  • Headphones--especially small ones--have made it possible to listen to relaxing sounds pretty much anywhere.
    5 relaxing sounds
    Certain scenarios can prove to be extremely stressful. Work, school, social commitments…all of these things can result in added responsibility to meet deadlines and perform even when you might be feeling under the weather. Feeling pressured...
  • UFO sightings in Texas include beeping sounds and flashing lights
    UFO sightings: Two UFOs seen in Texas, 'humming' sounds and low lights cited
    Two new UFO sightings were made in Texas this week, both of which included a low-flying space craft that possessed visible lights and self-described humming sounds. Several witnesses in Austin and Gainesville have come forward claiming that they...
  • African elephant with its trunk raised, a behavior often adopted when trumpeting.
    Secrets of elephant sound production revealed for the first time
    Christian Herbst and Angela Stoeger from the University of Vienna in Austria are the first to reveal how elephants make guttural infrasonic calls based on physical analysis in the Oct. 16, 2013, edition of The Journal of Experimental Biology.The...
  • Independence Park
    Take a walk in the woods this week with your Charlotte preschooler
    Charlotte preschoolers love to walk in the woods. They like to explore and pick up pinecones and sometimes insects.One of my best memories of my grandparents was when we went walking in the woods of the mountains in West Virginia. There was a...
  • Sounds Logo
    Hoping to score star-spangled "Sounds" of success? Well, have a (base)ball today
    If you or your local vocal playing field friends consider yourselves to be diamonds in the musical rough, then listen up: The Nashville Sounds minor league baseball team will be holding auditions for national anthem singers at Greer Stadium from 9...
  • The Beatles
    The Beatles catalog all together in eight minutes (audio)
    There have been tons of audio mashups of Beatles songs. The Beatles even did one themselves with the "LOVE" show and album.But DJ Ramjac has gone a bit further, sequencing the entire Beatles catalog in one long 8:22 mashup. You can hear...
  • Worlds Largest Pedalboard
    The Epic Pedal Dilemma
    Pedals, they are a necessary part of our craft when it comes to guitars and various musical instruments, but where is the point where there is too much. Those can argue it depends on the style of music that you play, which is true. Those also...
  • YouTube Spotlight: Want to hear the eerie sounds of Saturn?
    YouTube Spotlight: Want to hear the eerie sounds of Saturn?
    YouTube Spotlight: Want to hear the eerie sounds of Saturn? Sounds from the Cassini spacecraft detecting intense radio emissions fromSaturn.To view VIDEO, click on the video IMAGE on your leftCRAVE MORE? YouTube Spotlight VideosDarrell Lum is...
  • music note
    Custom your computer start up sounds!!!
    Get more out of your computer with a little style....your style of course. Did you know, you can custom your startup sound with your own sounds? Here is how to do this, first, use the DVD VIDEO SOFTWARE program to get your sound or music from...
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