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  • BeachCandy gets you in that stylish swimwear mood
    BeachCandy gets you in that stylish swimwear mood
    The buzz on the beach these days is BeachCandy Swimwear, a brand of swimwear that makes the perfect-fitting suit. This swimwear has redefined the meaning of beauty at the beach. Focusing on the assets that a woman has been gifted with, each...
  • Tribeca Grand Hotel
    The Tribeca Grand Hotel offers intimate daytime dining and nightlife
    Did you know that 'TriBeCa' is actually an acronym for "Triangle Below Canal?" used to describe one of the oldest yet most modern residential/financial sectors of downtown New York?The Tribeca Grand Hotel pays homage to this...
  • John Michael
    Sophistication John Michael Style
    As John was in preparation for his performance at the BB Jazz Festival, he took some time out to discuss his current projects and his plans for the rest of 2013.What inspired this current mixtape project?This current mixtape (Round Two: The...
  • Sophistication with an edge
    What to Wear to Work: Edgy Sophistication
    Who says sophisticated style has to be stuffy? Personal style is all about self awareness and expression. Nowadays, business casual is the office dress code with a list of 'what and whatnots' to wear. Without throwing out style altogether...
  • Ristobar dessert
    San Francisco's own Italian Ristobar
    You might have heard of ristobars. In Italy, ristobars are casual places where friends meet to eat, chat, and drink. You can find San Francisco's own version of an Italian Ristobar at 2300 Chestnut Street and Scott, in the same location where...
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