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  • 10 days after E3, these moments and games made the most lasting impressions
    10 days after E3, these moments and games made the most lasting impressions
    E3 2015 has come and gone, and now that it has been 10 days since the close of the annual expo, let us take a look at some of the moments, games, and technology that made the most striking impressions.Moments and AnnouncementsThe show floor did...
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
    Final Fantasy VII remake director got a surprise of his own
    A Final Fantasy VII remake has been in the dreams of fans since video games were being developed in high definition. At this year’s E3, gamers around the world were thrilled to have confirmation that the remake would finally be happening....
  • The PS Vita: Is there life after death?
    The PS Vita: Is there life after death?
    Walking through the Sony booth at E3 was very exciting. There were many behind-closed-doors demos, including Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Last Guardian, and Horizon Zero Dawn. There was plenty to get our hands on, from Project Morpheus to...
  • Spider-Man just can't seem to get out of high school
    It's time for Spider-Man to graduate from high school
    As the whole world has probably heard by now, Marvel Studios has officially announced the casting of British actor, Tom Holland, to play the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe. The young 19-year old former theater...
  • Spider-Man
    Marvel and Sony settle on new lead actor and director for 2017 Spider-Man film
    After months of rumors and speculation, some of which was kicked off by hacks of Sony itself, the search for the new feature film face of Spider-Man has come to an end. As reported today (June 23) by Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and Marvel...
  • E3 2015 Sony Conference
    E3 2015 Sony Conference recap and impressions
    Sony always seems to sit at the perfect position when having its E3 conferences. Some would say that it is like saving the best for last, but one could also wonder if Sony changes its gameplan based on what its competitors show off. This goes back...
  • Tom Holland pic1
    Tom Holland Officially Cast as Spider-Man; Jon Watts to Direct Solo Film
    For the last two weeks reports have been that Marvel would announce their new Spider-Man actor soon, and then...well, nothing but more speculation. But now Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have finally made it official that Tom Holland, who has...
  • Tom Holland cast as the new friendly neighborhood “Spider-man”
    Tom Holland cast as the new friendly neighborhood 'Spider-man'
    Early this afternoon, Marvel announced who will be the next Spider-man and it goes to British actor Tom Holland.Rumors have been circulation for months about who will be playing Peter Parker with Ender’s Game’s Asa Butterfield leading...
  • E3 2015 hands on preview 'Until Dawn': probably won't last a minute
    E3 2015 hands on preview 'Until Dawn': probably won't last a minute
    In its current state, Until Dawn is one of the most laughable and graceless attempts to "me too" the formula that started in the successful Telltale's The Walking Dead series. It's yet another narrative heavy graphic adventure...
  • E3 2015 post predictions
    E3 2015: Post predictions
    It’s a little sad, but E3 2015 is all but over. It was a crazy two days with big announcements followed by a steady stream, literally, of games from the various publishers. There’s hours upon hours of content out there to dig into so...
  • Square Enix E3 conference
    E3 2015: 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' finally official
    As part of Sony's E3 press conference Monday, Sony VP of Developer Relations Adam Boyes debuted a cinematic trailer for the long requested remake of Square Enix's "Final Fantasy VII." The announcement promised the remake will...
  • Cloud with his Buster Sword
    Final Fantasy VII is finally getting a remake
    Longtime fans of the Square-Enix JRPG Final Fantasy series are squeeing and trying to contain nearly two decades worth of waiting. They (we?) have been crying for a remake of Final Fantasy VII almost as soon as the other one became dated within a...
  • E3 2015 day zero review
    E3 2015: Day zero review
    Wow, what an amazing first day of press conferences. With so many dreams come true thanks to the reveal of The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII remake, and Shenmue 3, why, one couldn’t imagine anything more spectacular. This writer did his...
  • E3 Previews
    E3 Previews
    The time has come for another E3 and with that a bevy of hotly anticipated titles, changes, and surprises. In the first two days five titles have stood out from the rest.
  • E3 2015 Sony promo
    E3 2015: Sony's press conference wrap up
    Sony had some big shoes to fill after it’s direct competitor, Microsoft, kicked off the day with a stellar E3 presentation. EA and Ubisoft were mixed bags; so all eyes were on Sony and the PlayStation franchise. And, oh boy, where to begin...
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