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  • James Inhofe
    Sen. Inhofe uses snowball to refute climate change
    For Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, all that hooey about climate change can be disputed with a single ball of snow. On Thursday, Feb. 26, Inhofe brought a freshly made, almost impeccable snowball onto the floor of the U.S. Senate. Then, during his...
  • SnowBall Music Festival
    SnowBall Music Festival canceled for 2015, plans return to the mountains in 2016
    Starting in 2011, the SnowBall Music Festival raged through Colorado mountain towns for three days each year. That was until last year, when scheduling issues forced it down the hill to Denver. Unfortunately, when a SnowBall is introduced into...
  • Graffiti art at SnowBall Music Festival
    SnowBall Music Festival: A makeshift urban playground in the heart of Denver
    SnowBall Music Festival 2014 wrapped up on Sunday April 6 to the funky sounds of GRiZ. The producer/musician born Grant Kwiecinski, accompanied with special guests, closed down the main stage with a massive dance party.Only days after SnowBall'...
  • Leland
    Chicago boy gets break from prosecutors after hitting cop with snowball
    A 13-year-old Chicago boy, who allegedly hit a Chicago police officer with a snowball near the boy’s elementary school and was questioned then locked up, says he’s innocent. The police investigation claims he is guilty, according to a...
  • Pretty Lights to headline SnowBall 2014
    SnowBall 2014 lineup: First wave of artists includes Pretty Lights and GRiZ
    On Thursday Feb. 13 SnowBall releasedthe first phrase of the2014 lineup for the April 4-6 music festival in Denver, Colo.The festival, in it's fourth year, has moved from the mountain towns of Avon and Winter Park to the urban backdrop of The...
  • Snow-Geometric Forms
    You can create Chicago art with fluffy water
    The fluffy water to which I am referring is, of course, snow. In Chicago, this material is abundant on lawns, streets, sidewalks and parking lots. This fluffy water is free.Fluffy water is suitable for sculptures instead of for paintings and...
  • Have a "snowball" for dessert!
    Have a "snowball" for dessert!
    Snow is the one weather activity we naturally associate with Christmas! Here at the Christmas holidays, snow does make the holidays more festive, though getting out into it when you have to go to work or run errands is no fun! To me, as long as it...
  • galah
    From the parrot's beak: 5/19 edition
    - Disco the parakeet on the "Today Show":Fast-talking parakeet shows off his vocal skills - Video on For more of his body of work: Disco Sings the Stones - and Prospers - YouTube Thanks to Feathered Sanctuary. ---- “Bird...
  • Snowballs
    Michigan police respond to snowball attack, then shoot dog
    Police in Grand Rapid, Michigan, were forced to shoot a pit bull Tuesday night when responding to a call originally regarding children throwing snowballs at a house.The incident began innocently enough, with two young teenagers throwing snowballs...
  • ebony and ivory
    From the parrot's beak: Dec. 15 edition
    - Pollly want a cracker for Christmas? Nah, how 'bout a car? Noisy Parrot Inspires Beak-Driven 'Bird Buggy' | Gadget Lab | Wired ... Thanks to Arlene Levin!- Not to be a Scrooge, but the...
  • Russian tea cakes
    Christmas Snowball cookies
    This are delicious cookies that should be on every holiday table or at every Christmas party. If you live in South Carolina and don't have time to bake treats like these Christmas snow ball cookies, see the *Baked Goods-South Carolina link at...
  • Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire
    ICRME's annual Snowball fundraiser this Friday November 12th
    The Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire holds many fundraiser events throughout the year, and one of their biggest fundraisers is coming up this Friday night, November 12th. The 2010 Snowball will feature many live entertainers including...
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