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  • Towel elephant
    Make yourself smile
    Do you look to others for your joy or do you take ownership of your own happiness? How often do you smile? Can you make yourself smile or do you rely on others? Did you know that smiling actually improves your health?There are many reasons to...
  • Bodybuilder posing on stage.
    Bodybuilding 101: Practice bodybuilding poses to help placings
    Posing takes a huge amount of effort, is exhausting and will make you stand out on the stage. Unfortunately, you can stand out for great posing, or for terrible posing. Although it's normal to be nervous on stage the amount of practice you put...
  • Smiling man
    New research shows a man's smile can make women more subordinate
    A man's smile can actually make a woman more subordinate, according to new research in the November issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.In a series of three experiments, researchers evaluated the impact of a man's smile on...
  • couple smiling
    Smile your way through stress
    Smiling can reduce the bodies stress response and provide heart healthFeeling good usually makes us smile but can smiling make us feel good? That is what two psychological scientists set out to investigate. In an upcoming study in Psychological...
  • city bus driver study
    Fake smiling in customer service job not so good, study says
    If you have studied method acting, you will love a study from Michigan State University about “fake smiling” at work.A group of 58 city bus drivers were asked to fake a smile by just acting it on the surface. They were also...
  • Smiles Comparison
    World's easiest, no cost, all natural health & beauty elixir
    When the economy experiences a double recession, unemployment rates reach double digits, marriages crumble, and families fall apart, smiling usually becomes a lost art form. Yet, smiling may very well be the key to career success, financial...
  • smiling woman
    Why men hate angry women
    Ever heard the saying, “Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice”? Through the years it has been the expectation that women be nice, friendly and approachable. This, of course, is not always true. We all have a range of...
  • resized_Friends_chat_2.jpg
    How To Meet New Friends: Smile
    Now that the summer heat seems to be mainly behind us, it seems like more people are starting to come out of the gym to exercise in the great outdoors. What a wonderful time of year it is to actually feel the extra energy because of the lower...
  • Najeeb's Smile
    Three steps to developing a great smile
    You might assume that happy people smile because of their disposition, however studies show that happiness is actually a by-product of smiling. The endorphin release helps create a sensation of well-being and pleasure that transfers into our...
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