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  • Smiley Blind golden retriever
    'Smiley': Blind golden retriever born without eyes works as lovable therapy dog
    Smiley is about to put a smile on your face. As a blind golden retriever, Smiley works as a therapy dog – brightening the day for nursing home residents and young patients in the hospital. The 12-year-old retriever was born with dwarfism and...
  • Happy World Smile Day:  World celebrates iconic smiley face
    Happy World Smile Day: World celebrates iconic smiley face
    If you need something to smile about, you’re in luck! According to a KETK NBC report published on Oct. 1, a very special day of the year is almost here and people are ready to celebrate! Oct. 3, 2014, is World Smile Day. The annual &ldquo...
  • LeAnn Rimes
    LeAnn Rimes planning even more lawsuits against several Twitter followers
    LeAnn Rimes wants to make sure she is fighting for her rights, as she is added several more defendants to her lawsuit, according to a new “Radar Online” report released on Oct. 31. The original lawsuit involved LeAnn suing high school...
  • Smiley Poster Horizontal
    Bru's Halloween Film Marathon 2012: Part 1 "Smiley"
    The 2012 Michael J. Gallagher directed release, "Smiley" is the epitome of the how powerful proper promotions on YouTube are. Since becoming a Horror Film Critic I have been researching more and more horror films and of course using the...
  • Smiley
    'Smiley' Review
    Christmas for horror fans comes in October and lasts all month long (so maybe it's closer to Kwanzaa or Hanukkah).The newest gift to be unwrapped is the "Smiley", a low-budget thriller with a neat concept that should appealmostly to...
  • Smiley poster
    Smiley movie review
    People often times refuse to truly accept the horrors happening around them, and would rather be in denial about the dangers plaguing them, instead of truly setting out to stop them. But the susceptible protagonist, Ashley, in the new horror...
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