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  • Vaughn
    Liberals coin new slur for Second Amendment supporters: 'Ammosexual'
    After actor Vince Vaughn expressed support for gun rights in a recent edition of British GQ, the left-wing Alternet used a new slur targeting those who support the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, Newsbusters' Andrew Miller said...
  • Dallas airport gay slur: Suspect stopped, drunk man tackles victim in pink shirt
    Dallas airport gay slur: Victim in pink kicked, travelers stop attacker [VIDEO]
    Dallas airport experienced a gay slur being thrown at a man in a pink shirt by a homophobic bully this week, and the harrowing scene was captured on video. When the drunk attacker suddenly became physically violent and kicked him in the crotch,...
  • Candea and Sam Aarons
    Couple gets racial slur on valet ticket
    A couple from Georgia had a less than ideal start to the new year when they left a restaurant with a valet ticket that had a racial slur on it.ABC reported that Candea and Sam Aarons dined at Spondivits in East Point on Jan. 1. When they retrieved...
  • Alec Baldwin's MSNBC show yanked over gay slur, trots out gay hairdresser
    Alec Baldwin's MSNBC show yanked over gay slur, trots out gay hairdresser
    Alec Baldwin continues to face the fallout from his controversial anti-gay slurs made outside his Manhattan apartment building Thursday evening. Alec's fledgeling "Up Late" show airing on MSNBC, was pulled from the schedule for the...
  • The color of my skin
    It is time to change the name of the Washington Redskins
    I watched the Bob Costas expose on the team named the Washington Redskins and how that name might be offensive to some.I have always known this team by this name.It just seems natural.But I can also see that it is a slur.It could be considered an...
  • Wall of Help Save Charlie, the REAL deal page
    Facebook group smears mom over Charlie debacle
    San Francisco, CA: The past few weeks have brought social networking to a brand new low. The administrators of a Facebook group 'Help Save Charlie, the REAL deal,' have publicly called a member 'ignorant slut.'Lori Scott is a mom...
  • Chevy Chase
    Chevy Chase says the darnedest thing
    Recently, Chevy Chase stirred up some controversy by saying the "n-word" on the set of Community. In the middle of a rant about the racist tendencies of the character he plays, he yelled, "What's next? Am I going to say the word...
  • Seattle Muslims Car Targeted by Hate Vandalism
    Seattle Muslims' Car Targeted by Hate Vandalism
    As Muslims geared up their worship and fasting during Ramadan, hate crimes against Muslim-Americans and American mosques sharply increased as well.While the rest of the country basks in the delusion that America as we know it is getting...
  • Laura Ingraham
    Joy Behar falsely claims NOW issued statement on Ed Schultz's insult
    On Thursday, Joy Beharclaimed that the National Organization of Women had issued a statement on Ed Schultz's slur against conservative talker Laura Ingraham.Matt Hadro wrote at Newsbusters:Sherri Shepherd defended Behar as using "slut...
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